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  1. Mikael Nyqvist - the actor from Girl with A Dragon Tattoo, Devastated at this, I absolutely love him in this trilogy. RIP.
  2. I guess it was also at a time when extenuating circumstances weren't considered at a trial, such as his epilepsy. My dad has quite clear memories of the day he was hanged too which seems like such an odd thing these days - certainly in the UK anyway.
  3. Excellent - the two books together are absolutely astonishing.
  4. Do you want me to send my copy to you MM? I don't mind - it's just going to end up in the charity pile. My dad remembers a lot about the time around Manuel too - that's crazy though that your mum met him in the swing park. Apparently he was very charismatic in a Ted Bundy kind of way - which doesn't really come across in the book.
  5. Awww, Adam West and Glenne Heady. RIP.
  6. Flynn's girlfiend has gone missing and he looks into her disappearance. Prior to this, January was pulling away from him; she had transferred to a new school, had new friends and a job. She didn't understand why Flynn was uncomfortable around her and why he didn't want to have sex with her. Then she went missing and everything Flynn thought was happening between them begins to unravel. Flynn finds the strength to face up to what was happening to him and January, starting with his coming out. Within the coming out tale and the teenage romance, we have the mystery of January's disappearance. It is a engaging mystery and one that young adults will enjoy reading, it will certainly thrill and entertain. However, for me, not exactly the target audience but generally a fan of Young Adult fiction regardless, I found this book a little dull and annoying. Flynn's narration is quite exhausting. As he works through events we are exposed to far too many of his 'maybe this...maybe that...what if...but..." it is seemingly endless. Instead of showing us things, Roehrig has Flynn tell us every single momentary thought and to be honest, he's not that interesting a character. Also, I seriously have my doubts that a teenager would use the work "preposterously". Flynn's vocabulary is not the vocabulary of a teenage boy no matter how unusual or gifted he is. Had he sounded like an actual teenager, I may have liked him more. The plot plays out well and I did enjoy the denouement, but this is one YA book that should stay with the YAs.
  7. Thanks anyway meg! I have tried numerous times to get poppies growing in my garden without any success. A new roundabut has been created 5 minutes from my house and the construction crew have dumped debris and mud into the middle, presumably with the intention of creating a proper 'centre' at some point. Last I drove by and the rubble and mud had lots of poppies growing! I think I ranted so much to hubby that he stayed away from me when we got home.
  8. Meg, do you have any tips for growing poppies? I have been trying for years to get poppy seeds to take in my garden and have failed year on year. I just can't get them to grow. I get so frustrated seeing them grow wild anywhere, even roadsides!
  9. If you have read the first Jack Caffery book, Birdman, you will know that when he was younger, his brother was abducted and never found. Jack is haunted mentally and physically by this event as he still lives next to the number one suspect in the abduction. In this book, as well as the main crime plot, we also find out a little more of what happened to Jack's brother. The main plotline here is home invasion. A couple are found starved, dehydrated and close to death in their home. Their young son is missing and Jack is on the hunt for a kidnapper and all round brutal bad guy before he hits another family's home. This is another solid outing for Hayder and Caffery and everything you'd want in a page-turning crime novel. What sets this apart, is the story of Jack's brother. I don't say this lightly, the last few chapters are some of the most horrific, disturbing, devastating and utterly putdownable pages I have ever read. I had to stop and give myself a break. I am not spoiling anything because the story is not resolved. I think this book, along with the first, Birdman, are two pf the best crime novels I have ever read and as a duo, they are unbeatable. Highly, and I mean highly recommended.
  10. Mo Hayder is a crime writer that has always been on my radar but I can't remember having read her before. I decided to start at the beginning of her DI Jack Caffery series with Birdman. Like all good literary detectives, Caffery has a troubled. When he was young, his brother was abducted and never found, so Jack lives in the same house, his parents house, so that is any evidence, or his brother comes back, he'll be there for him. Plus, the suspect in the case still lives next door and Caffery wants him to know that he's watching and waiting. In the meantime, 5 women have been found ritualistically killed with a bird placed in the centre of their chest and Caffery needs to find the man responsible before he takes more lives. Now this plotline is is as gripping, graphic and exciting as any superior crime novel I have read. It alone is enough the cost of this book, but the storyline regarding Caffery's brother is fascinating. Jack's relationship with the neighbour and the mind games going on are quite something. Hugely enjoyable and definitely recommended.
  11. I seemed to have this book on my wishlist forever, it seemed to take ages to be published in the UK but I finally got to read it. Was it worth the wait? Well... Nora leave London to visit her sister in the Oxfordshire countryside, But when she arrives, she finds her sister dead and her dog hung. The cops obviously investigate but Nora starts her own investigation. She becomes suspicious of a male neighbour and his closeness to her sister and begins to stalk him, hoping that her presence will unnerve him and force him to confess all. As she pushes, the line between investigating and actually committing a crime blurs and before we know it, we are stepping into disturbing territory. This was a good read, it is written very well and the Oxfordshire countryside is a beautiful as Nora's mind is disturbed. The story is as hazy as the summer evening and you catch glimpses of the truth occasionally. Perfect for a summer holiday read. So was it worth the wait? Well, yes and no. It was a good read, but it didn't always have me anxious to pick it up again at night. Nora is increasingly unlikable and you begin to feel sorry for the people of the village having to put up with her.
  12. I've read a few Denise Mina books and read a good review of The Long Drop. I know the Peter Manuel story quite well, I even live less than 10 minutes from where his stomping ground was, though I didn't watch the recent TV programme starring Martin Compston about him. In the midst of his killing, William Watt decides to spend a night on the town with Peter Manuel to find out what he knows or will confess to about the recent string of murders. Interspersed with this story, we get the events and the subsequent trial of Peter Manuel for the crimes committed. To be honest, it wasn't for the trail and media circus towards the end of the novel, I would have given up on this book. No one in this book is particularly likeable. I know, I know, Manuel is not supposed to be likeable, but he is so utterly lacking in anything that it made for a boring read. Maybe that's the point, to show how dull and pathetic he was, but it doesn't make for a great read. At the trial, however, he somehow becomes more interesting as he tries manipulate and become ringmaster of the court. I couldn't recommend this though, it's just lacking in anything that makes you want to keep reading. A pity.
  13. Gail Honeyman

    And it's only 6 pounds for the hardback on Amaz. just now.
  14. Gail Honeyman

    I've seen this about and some good reviews but your review MrHG has persuaded me to stick it on the Amazon Wishlist. And I can testify to there being the odd delicate flower in Glasgow!
  15. American Gods is very good - the second episode is fantastic Binker.