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  1. Have a Rant!

    Less prevalent or just not open? I am pretty sure numbers in LGBTI hasn't increased, it's just more visible and rightly so. I really think as long a fiction reflects real life, within the constraints of genre, then there isn't a problem.
  2. Fierce Kingdom

    It's very fast paced and just flies by, easily read in one sitting, and actually that's probably the best way to enjoy it.
  3. The Roanoke Girls

    It's a really excellent book, a little mystery, a lot of drama and just beautifully written.
  4. You are very welcome MM - hope you got more out of it than me, by the sounds of things, you did! I agree about the strange mix of fact and fiction, it never really sat comfortably with me and I am sure that's why I didn't enjoy it too much. But then, I have read similar books and not had a problem - maybe it was too close to home.
  5. This was a difficult book to read - the subject matter and the sexism. Ruth wakes one morning to find her children gone. She had split from their father and she was home alone with them. It appears that they pushed over a chest of drawers and escaped through the bedroom window, but everyone knows that cant be true as the children were small and unable. Also there is some discrepancy over what they ate the night before. The children are found dead later - this is not a spoiler as you essentially know from the get-go. But Ruth doesn't behave as a grieving mother should. Everyone can see that she is unconcerned, continuing with her illicit love life, dressing like a movie star. They don't see what they expect to see. She is positively flaunting her availability. Even the journalist assigned to report the events becomes embroiled in her lovelife. They all see what they want to see. You don't really know where you are with Ruth, much like some of the characters in the novel. Is she broken? Is she damaged? Or does she really not care? The denouement is predictable but doesn't lose any of its impact for being so. Great read.
  6. I wasn't even aware that the Richard and Judy Bookclub was still going but apparently this book was tipped as their big book of this year and to be honest, it pains me to agree because this was a bloody good read which I struggled to put down. Lane's mother dies and she is sent back to her mother's family farm in Roanoke. When she moves there she meets her cousin Allegra and they form a close but troubled bond. Lane finds out that all the Roanoke girls are troubled. To be a Roanoke girl means death, destruction or disappearance. Years later, it is Allegra's turn to disappear and Lane must go back to Roanoke to help find her beloved cousin whom she has not seen for years. Through adult eyes and little one word messages left for her by Allegra she discovers the truth about Roanoke and her grandparents. I loved this book - it was spooky, disturbing, upsetting and tragic. There is a frailty at the heart of all the characters that you feel as you read. Well worth your time.
  7. This book is totally going to get made into a film, I could see it in my head as I was reading. Lincoln, 4, and his mother, Joan, visit the zoo one day. It's a normal, happy day as they wander about. But just before closing as they make their way back to the entrance all hell breaks loose. Gun men have taken over the zoo and seem to be playing a game of hunting with whatever they find. Joan must hide herself and Lincoln lest they become the hunted. It's an exciting read that you could easily lose yourself in for a couple of hours and finish it in one sitting. Phillips does a great job of ramping up the tension, especially as the authorities and Joan's husband are just over the zoo wall trying to resolve the situation without further deaths while she battles to save herself and her son. Fun read - would make a good movie.
  8. After being hugely impressed with the first two books in this DI Jack Caffrey series, I ploughed into the third one and was sorely disappointed. Jack is now posted to Bristol and we are introduced to another detective, Flea, who is a underwater searcher. And obviously damaged in various ways to make her more interesting. A hand is found in the harbour and the quest to find out who it belongs to takes us to a ritualistic, underground, sinister business where people trade in pain and flesh. It's readable and would be great for a holiday read, but it doesn't have the impact or the pace of the first two books which hooked and gutted me like a fish. Flea is just not that interesting a character and Jack Caffrey, the emotional heart and soul of the first two books, is completely missing from this book - he's just another detective, but a facsimile of his previous self.
  9. Site problem?

    Thanks to the mods for helping with recent issues. We have just had an update to the site and it does change things. I will check if members have restricted functions because of this.
  10. I really loved this novel. There is two stories running side-by-side, only linked by death and geography. Mary and Graham are reeling after the sudden and horrific loss of their children when they move to a cottage in Suffolk. Quickly, while they try to adjust to their new, fragile life, there are strange noises and glimpses of strange people. While they are coping with this, we jump into a troubled past that occurred on the same land many, many years ago. A stranger comes to a farm and is trouble from the get-go. At first it was a confusing read as we jump between two seemingly unconnected stories, only linked together by geography but slowly I found my place and started enjoying the stories. The tale from the past is far more interesting and shocking and while I was in Mary and Graham's life I found I wanted to go back to the past. But it is a really enjoyable and gripping novel, perfect for a winter night.
  11. Rest in Peace

    Mikael Nyqvist - the actor from Girl with A Dragon Tattoo, Devastated at this, I absolutely love him in this trilogy. RIP.
  12. I guess it was also at a time when extenuating circumstances weren't considered at a trial, such as his epilepsy. My dad has quite clear memories of the day he was hanged too which seems like such an odd thing these days - certainly in the UK anyway.
  13. Excellent - the two books together are absolutely astonishing.
  14. Do you want me to send my copy to you MM? I don't mind - it's just going to end up in the charity pile. My dad remembers a lot about the time around Manuel too - that's crazy though that your mum met him in the swing park. Apparently he was very charismatic in a Ted Bundy kind of way - which doesn't really come across in the book.
  15. Rest in Peace

    Awww, Adam West and Glenne Heady. RIP.