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  1. I started read The Long Drop by Denise Mina last night, but the last few nights I listened to the S-Town podcast (from the people who made Serial). It was absolutely fantastic.
  2. Wow, Luna, he is pretty cool. I love him - what's his name?
  3. Is it possible your computer was directing you to an old cache of the site, before the update was done? I have no idea what I am talking about! But I am glad you are back Dan. It's taking me some getting used to this new site.
  4. Me too Luna. I'll see what I can do about it and let you know. I am loving seeing all your posts about the new site look - it's funny and we are like kids with a new toy. We had to have the upgrade and yes, it'll take some getting used to but we'll get there.
  5. Yep, the upgrade (which needed to be done) gets rid of friends and replaces it with followers. Stuart gave me the option to convert friends to followers but that came with a risk of receiving unwanted notifications and he didn't recommend it, so I went with his advice. Blimey, it's all rather new isn't it. Us Taureans hate change! But public thanks to Stuart for getting us all shiny! X
  6. And Martin McGuiness.
  7. My precious.
  8. Good luck with the move Gram, exciting times ahead!
  9. Don't panic - in the next couple of days the site will go down for about an hour to allow the lovely Stuart to do an update. Then we will be shiny again. Thanks for your patience.
  10. Welcome Elif to BGO!
  11. Ian McEwan

    Yikes. This book hasn't been getting good reviews all over the place. It does sound a little difficult to take seriously.
  12. M R Carey is a pen name (not a mysterious one at all) for Mike Carey, comic book writer and other projects and so he has written this critically acclaimed zombie fiction. The zombie apocalypse has already occurred, quite some time ago and in this novel it is referred to as the Breakdown. Every piece of zombie fiction has it's labels for aspects of the zombie apocalypse. In this the zombies are called Hungries. And they are not quite the braindead, fleshy, plodding creatures that we are used to. The book opens in a scientific military complex where children are kept captive and sometimes get wheeled away never to appear again. Miss Justineau is one of their teachers and she forms a close bond with one of the captive children Melanie. It becomes clear that the children are different and Dr Caldwell sees them purely as test subjects, available for dissection. Parks, a gruff soldier is seemingly untouched by events at the compound and is a soldier first and foremost. Anyway, one night Miss Justineau, Melanie, Caldwell and two soldiers Parks and Gallagher have to escape the compound together. And so begins a journey to another military compound where they think they will be safe again and Caldwell is determined to continue her research. She is searching for a cure to the zombie infection, but she is bloody minded in her approach and sees nothing but the end result. Far from being the dangerous burden of the group, Melanie proves herself to be the saviour. Y'know, I like zombie fiction in its myriad forms. And The Girl With All The Gifts has enough novelty and innovation to make it stand above the derivative masses, but it didn't always hold my attention. The most interesting aspects in the story are not given enough weight to make an emotional impact. There's just too much plot driving here rather than spending time on the innovative aspects - such as Melanie's response to the wider world, her struggle to come to terms with who she is. That said, it's a good solid read with skillful story-telling and well worth picking up.
  13. I have been drawing with my son today as he has been doing art homework. Also I am teaching myself Spencerian handwriting, so have gone a little cross eyed. I was always so jealous that in American schools handwriting was taught as an artistic skill whereas we don't seem to do that in quite the same degree in the UK. Plus I had read somewhere that if you teach dyslexic pupils cursive or Spencerian handwriting they find it easier to read and write - so I thought, teach me first then I can help dyslexic pupils. On the plus side, writing with a dip pen is aesthetically pleasing!
  14. I think October as I want to go when it's snowy. Plus I need a good few months to get my brain wrapped round having to travel! I am not good with things like that.
  15. It can only be publishing and availability then. Are books written by males given predominance?