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  1. Sense 8

    I kept seeing this come up on my recommended list on Netflix but I totally avoided it because I thought it would be like Heroes which was terrible, but the other day someone on Twitter was talking about it and how much of a profound effect it had had on him and he was devastated that it got cancelled after two seasons (with a finale film coming this year). He was so enthusiastic about it that I felt I had to give it a go. In cities across the world, 8 people find that they are completely connected to the point that they can switch in telepathically to each others' locations and a few of them find they have a completely all-consuming connection. The 8 are able to share thoughts, knowledge and skills. Obviously there is a crazy scientist and shady corporation chasing them - we need conflict after all. What is remarkable about this show is that it is hugely positive and emotional. The connections between the 8 show us, actually remind us, what it is to be human, to be in love, to rely on those close to you, to be a family, to be needed. Accomplishing all of this, it also manages to be hugely LGBT positive and sex positive. Rarely have I seen sex dealt with in such a beautiful and loving manner, as a deep connection between people rather than just...sex. It's wonderful. It's a tragedy that it has been cancelled but I am looking forward to re-watching the series with my son, and of course the finale.
  2. Bosch

    Season 4 dropped the other day - anyone started watching it?
  3. Amazon

    Excellent, I'll get that done.
  4. what is everyone doing?

    I looked yesterday at our local Tesco, they don't say where the money goes to, just says "all donations for charity". Not even sure where you put your money!
  5. Amazon

    Funnily enough, World of Books is the seller that has sent me the worst two books! Book Depository are usually fine if a little slow.
  6. Amazon

    I thought if you received a full refund you couldn't leave a review? That's why I have never left a review...I'll need to check that because other buyers should know. It's fine getting a full refund but its frustrating.
  7. Are any of us actually Audible members? I am seriously considering signing up as I am increasingly enjoying listening to books and podcasts when I walk the dog, so interested in joining Audible.
  8. This is the second novel in Helen Field's DI Callanach Edinburgh crime series. Really, it should be Callanach & Turner series but that's by the by. In the middle of a music festival, someone brushes by a man and in an instant the man is gutted. Across Edinburgh so begins a series of bloody and brutal murders. On one hand, some of the murders are inventive and sadistic, carried out with macabre finesse and on the other hand murders are carried out that are violent, messy and primal. It's up to Callanach and Turner to solve these murders before anyone else dies. Meanwhile an old flame of Turner's appears in Edinburgh, DCI Edgar - the star of the cyber crime force and a bit of an ass. Turner and he rekindle their romance much to Callanach's bemusement. Edgar is there to take down hacker wunderkind, Ben Paulson, but Ben is fast becoming one of Callanach's loyal, inner circle, putting Callanach on a crash course with Edgar. Field's crime series, having read just the two so far, is probably one of the finest I have read, and I read a lot of crime. Yes, crime can be a bit formulaic: troubled detective, graphic crimes, conflict from the boss or other detectives, but Field's takes all of that and weaves a story around all of the elements while making her two central detectives very real and very likeable. Especially so when they are up against some really nasty people, not only the perpetrators but colleagues like Edgar (or Harris from the first book, Perfect Remains). I am totally on board for this series.
  9. Amazon

    Has anyone else used Amazon Marketplace sellers recently to buy books? Usually I have been happy but the last couple of months, the books I have bought have been really shoddy. I usually only buy Marketplace offerings if they are significantly cheaper than the new price and if the seller has 99% feedback and the book is sold As New. But the last 5 books I have bought, under these conditions, have been delivered in very, very poor condition and I have had to receive a refund on each case. One book had its spine coming away and was twisted. Another was absolutely filthy and was so water damaged that pages were welded together. It's extremely disappointing and I have decided to give up buying from the Marketplace.
  10. what is everyone doing?

    Ooh, I think I'll take a closer look at our wee bookshelf when I am next there. I usually walk right by.
  11. Nope, read whatever you want. Read for pleasure first and foremost. I love lots of CYA books.
  12. My husband and I are having a wee competition this year - to see who reads the most books and watches the most films. Silly I know, but after 19 years of marriage...anyway while we were discussing current numbers, I asked him if audiobooks counted as books, as I listen to the odd one when walking the dog, and he immediately said "no". I asked why and he said "they just don't count...make up a new list for them if you want, audiobooks and podcasts." It's not as if it would have been a challenge to him because he listens to audiobooks and podcasts more than me, I just thought it was really interesting that he had an immediate and definite response to them possibly being classed as books.
  13. I just bought/borrowed/received...

    Bought a pile of books today - You, Caroline Kepnes A Lesson in Violence, Jordan Harper Still Life, Louise Penny Tampa, Alissa Nutting The Grip of It, Jac Jemc Fever Dream, Samata Schweblin The Shining Girls, Lauren Beukes The Woman in the Walls, Amy Lukavics IQ, Joe Ide The Sluts, Dennis Cooper Speakers of the Dead, J Aaron Sanders The Darkest Secret, Alex Marwood Exquisite Corpse, Poppy Z Brite
  14. what is everyone doing?

    My local Tesco, Luna, has this bookshelf of books but I didn't realise what it was for. Obviously, I knew that it was for people to buy the secondhand books and donate money, but I thought it was for a local charity and not a widespread thing. Interesting - what is the charity this year?
  15. what is everyone doing?

    That is bizarre, but I agree that it is probably being culled from FB. It's a good way to collect a name you recognise and apply it to a email address to get you to think that it is an honest email. The email addresses aren't even close to looking real. Delete, delete, delete. Unfortunately nothing online these days is secure, just get in the habit of deleting stuff you don't immediately recognise.