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  1. Just started Swing Time by Zadie Smith and have The Underground Railroad on the tbr pile.Keep peeking at the George Saunders and Arundhati Roy books. Interesting selection by the judges this year.
  2. At the same time the BBC published the earnings of their top employees, showing a glaring disparity between male and female. Good luck Jodie, I have a feeling you will be one of the greatest Doctors and a big £$%+(! to the misogynistic idiots on social media.
  3. Cosmic Thing - The B52's
  4. Crazy Crazy Nights - Kiss
  5. Aversion
  6. Dan I'm thinking you will love him. Margaret Atwood is one author I've always wanted but never got round to exploring. The Handmaids Tail I read over 30 years ago and now owing to you, the forum and the Channel 4 series I'm looking to start one. Where to start?
  7. Been quiet for a long time mainly because life can be like that sometimes..Still avidly reading and following the forum. Great half year for me chuntzy. Started with The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry. Read her first rather strange book After Me Comes The Flood and knew she was an author to watch.Loved this book. Golden Hill by Francis Spufford a book that keeps winning awards and one that will stay with me. The North Water by Ian McGuire a great adventure and again must thank Mr HG for showing me the way. Light by M. John Harrison SF so not everyone's cup of tea but a classic I missed and now on the second in the trilogy. NW by Zadie Smith. 4/5 through the book and I am so in awe of her.Great book
  8. Superstition
  9. Carrot
  10. Remember that wonderful origami head mask you got your father to wear Lovely luna and happy birthday to your lucky brother
  11. My first hedgehog last week and now they are out of hibernation a little worrying since now seems to be going winter temperatures. Meal worm and water still will put out.
  12. A Hazy Shade of Winter - Simon & Garfunkel
  13. Jessie Burton

    Finished it last week and like her first I enjoyed but again couldn't identify with the characters in the book. Odelle the immigrant, want to be writer recently arrived to sixties London just didn't convince for me. Like Nella from The Miniaturist she is exposed to some very stressful situations, racism, first love, break up with best friend and seems to handle everything easily. Just didn't feel like an immigrants experience of 60s London for me. There is a parallel story set during the Spanish revolution of the 30s that interconnects and sets up a very unconvincing mystery scenario. No regrets reading the book but feel very frustrated because there are parts where I love the prose and know she can do far better than this.
  14. My mother died yesterday and it's been strange. Yes I,m sad and please no messages of condolences. I'm just getting my head round that the people you love and are close to, they are going to die. I shouldn't say this but I'm dreading the funeral.