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  1. Superstition
  2. Carrot
  3. Remember that wonderful origami head mask you got your father to wear Lovely luna and happy birthday to your lucky brother
  4. My first hedgehog last week and now they are out of hibernation a little worrying since now seems to be going winter temperatures. Meal worm and water still will put out.
  5. A Hazy Shade of Winter - Simon & Garfunkel
  6. Jessie Burton

    Finished it last week and like her first I enjoyed but again couldn't identify with the characters in the book. Odelle the immigrant, want to be writer recently arrived to sixties London just didn't convince for me. Like Nella from The Miniaturist she is exposed to some very stressful situations, racism, first love, break up with best friend and seems to handle everything easily. Just didn't feel like an immigrants experience of 60s London for me. There is a parallel story set during the Spanish revolution of the 30s that interconnects and sets up a very unconvincing mystery scenario. No regrets reading the book but feel very frustrated because there are parts where I love the prose and know she can do far better than this.
  7. My mother died yesterday and it's been strange. Yes I,m sad and please no messages of condolences. I'm just getting my head round that the people you love and are close to, they are going to die. I shouldn't say this but I'm dreading the funeral.
  8. Peter Sarstedt a singer I only know for a great song.
  9. Reading this thread again reminded me of an article last year by George Monbiot in the Guardian An interesting article and an argument for us all going that way, must admit I lapse occasionally but avoid red meat. My daughter says that if you visit an abattoir, battery farm etc you would never look at meat again.. Maybe that could be a solution Grammath? An educational book or documentary on how meat is produced from the field to the plate, which I have found just by googling certainly are having the desired effect on me. When we see meat nicely wrapped or cooked and presented, we conveniently don't think of how it got there.
  10. Sherlock

    Loved it and the death of Mary just seemed to mirror their real life split.Will be glued to the screen next Sunday. Moriarty surely must come back
  11. Summed it up perfectly Mr HG. Why limit yourself? Take 2017 as it comes.
  12. Cat Scratch Fever - Ted Nugent
  13. I stopped smoking last year and have been clean for 3 months. I vape so still addicted to nicotine but it's a start. This year I hope to get more fit, eat healthier and lose weight. Determined. Nearly put an ish on the end