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  1. Song Chain

    Leave You To Dream - The Distractions Wow 37 years ago I saw them.
  2. what is everyone doing?

    Sometimes you have to eat humble pie. Met an Australian tonight and for some reason in my mind Sydney was west and Perth east, I even made a bet I was right. When your wrong you learn and buy them a pint
  3. Site problem?

    Cheers tagesmann the problem is now solved. I forgot the quote I was going to change it for but at least now I can. Ta
  4. Site problem?

    I get an error message.Gives a code and says I don't have permission to change signature.
  5. Site problem?

    Hi meg did all you have said and scrolled to bottom and there is no signature. Do like to change the signature occasionally but oh well.
  6. Site problem?

    Not able to change to change my signature. Can't by edit profile or any account settings. Might be missing something obvious but clicked on every field combination I can see. Any help appreciated.
  7. His Bloody Project

    Bhuel, tá tú féin agus mé ag labhairt Béarla, cén fáth go bhfoghfaimis Gaeilge?
  8. The Child in Time - TV Drama

    Rambling piece here https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2017/sep/21/why-do-we-crave-stories-of-lost-children-dont-look-now-child-in-time Looking forward to it
  9. Song Chain

    I Wanna Grow Up To Be A Politician - The Byrds
  10. Problems with posting

    Be very careful if you use a cleaner on your computer. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/sep/19/ccleaner-2m-users-install-anti-malware-program-security-avast-supply-chain-attack-hack If you have to create a memorable unbreakable password. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2016/may/21/how-create-perfect-password-hackers-online-accounts-safe I think it;s OK to allow your computer to remember your password if your the only one that uses it and your not visiting dodgy websites.
  11. Swing Time

    I enjoyed the book but like any author you compare it with their previous work and for me this didn't challenge. Aimee and Tracey and their childhood absorbed me and Zadie has a wonderful way with characters and describing the minutiae of everyday life. The Africa/Madonna part and the last third of the book I started to lose my interest. Not Zadies best, certainly worth reading.
  12. 150 yrs of The Shipping Forecast

    Listening to Radio 4 this week and it as been mentioned. Must admit to loving the terminology used in the forecast but the music always makes me smile.
  13. Poetic Wanderings

    Doreen's Poem Sing a song of Yorkshire, from the Humber to the Tees. Of horses, wool and terriers, of pudding and of cheese. I know no other county where the land is quite so fine. England's lovely county. And I'm proud to call it mine. Where shining purple heather stretches far across the moor, and the lapwing's cry above me takes the place of traffic roar. And peace comes drifting gently, there's no place I'd rather be than this land of hills and valleys, from the Pennines to the sea. So when I've done my roaming, and when my step grows slow; when heart and mind assure me that the time has come to go, then let me rest in Yorkshire, for it's there I want to lie 'neath sun and wind and heather… and a gleaming Yorkshire sky. A winning poem and Ian McMillan was one of the judges.
  14. what is everyone doing?

    Today very much in your face football has arrived. Forest fans on the trains, trams and in every pub in Nottingham. Phew they won
  15. Man Booker Prize 2017

    Just started Swing Time by Zadie Smith and have The Underground Railroad on the tbr pile.Keep peeking at the George Saunders and Arundhati Roy books. Interesting selection by the judges this year.