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  1. I enjoyed it MM. It was an introduction to Julian Barnes for me and I now intend reading more. If you are looking for something to counterbalance a hard read Luna you have made the right choice. Enjoy.
  2. I bought the omnibus edition earlier this year and read all four of the short books back to back. Such easy enjoyable reading. I found them to be wonderful comfort reading, a bit like the James Herriot books I have read since. I have no idea why authors such as these go out of fashion the way that they do. I am just about to start The Jacaranda Tree. I hope I enjoy it as much and I look forward to the comments of others.
  3. John Banville

    I finished this book this morning while still in bed! I had about fifty pages to go and decided to read a page or two before getting up. Big mistake! Having started I just could not stop! All joking apart I think that I am very lucky to have come to this brilliant book in the way that I did as it meant that I had no real expectations for it. Having read the comments of others it seems that the jury is very much split over this book. Those that read it when it first came out and was awarded The Booker Prize seem to have been disappointed. Because of all the hype surrounding the book readers expected great things. Many of the earlier comments were by readers who had also read other books by Banville so were comparing it with his other work, in most cases not very favourably. One reader actually described it as Banville's worst book. Again having read the comments of others it seems that a number of readers felt that there was very little story. That may well be the case but I did not think that that really mattered. I am not even sure that the book was ever really meant to have much of a story. I felt that it was much more about the way that Max Morden viewed himself and his place in the world than anything else. Most of the book consisted of his thoughts and feelings following a recent lose and memories of a previous summer holiday and the affect that it had on him. I tend to read a book for the characters and language more than the story so this book was always going to appeal to me. The book itself was wonderfully written. Even those that were disappointed in it seem to agree that the language was beautiful. From the comments of others it would appear that this is almost always the case with Banville. As both Meg and Binker have already said I did feel as if I needed to read the book with a dictionary on hand. All in all I have found my first experience of John Banville to be a most rewarding one. I lovedd this book and have already ordered another by the same author. I think that I have found a new author to follow. Thank you BGO.
  4. I read Sense of an Ending a couple of weeks ago Momac and loved it. It is only a short book but well worth reading. I am reading The Sea by John Banville at the moment and am finding it really difficult to put down. The characters in each book are wonderfully drawn. Both authors seem to have a real understanding of human nature. Both books won the Man Booker Prize and for once I think that I can understand why. If you give either of them a go I hope that you enjoy them as much as I have.
  5. I don't think that it is a case of becoming faint hearted Momac just that we become bored by a genre eventually. I used to read a lot of crime series but got fed up with them eventually. Now I just pick things at random although I do still follow authors. That is one of the reasons why I love BGO so much, it is brilliant for finding new ones so just as I am exhausting one a new one comes along. I am just starting out on Julian Barnes and John Banville at the moment. Like you I am not sure that I could cope with out and out romance!
  6. John Banville

    I started this book a couple of days ago and am about of a third of the way through. It is my first by this author whom I have seen mentioned by others on other threads a number of times. So far I am glad that I took the plunge and gave John Banville a go. Although it is about loss it is not a miserable book to read. It s beautifully written and the characters are wonderfully well drawn. At the moment I do not want to put it down. I have not read the comments of others as I always prefer to do that at the end but I am glad that there is an existing thread as I know that I am going to want to read the comments of others when I finish.
  7. It would be lovely although I suspect that some people using this site and others like it would prefer for any contact to remain online. I know that there are only a few people on the site that I would not want to walk into, most users I would love to walk into in the park for a chat.
  8. Hope you get some better news about your great-nephew soon BB.
  9. Thanks for the congrats on our expected arrival. In answer to your question Momac we have said that we would buy the pram and I have already started on the baby blanket. I say pram but it seems that they now have some really long-winded name and cost a small fortune! I think that we may need to do some saving. Hope you are soon able to see your little one Meg, not the best of starts. Let's hope that having so much to cope with early on the baby will be all the stronger.
  10. Kate Grenville

    I finished this rather odd book this morning having had the book on my shelf for a couple of years at least. To be honest I cannot remember buying it. When I was a member of local book group a few years back we did read a book by this author which I enjoyed so can only assume that I bought this one as a result of that. I read one or two others by this author at the time and found her a little hit and miss so I suspect that is why this one got left on the shelf. Having said all that I would have to say that although a bit unusual this book for me was more hit than miss. The book is set in an eccentric backwater town in New South Wales and tells of a developing romance between two visitors from Sydney. Douglas Cheeseman is a socially awkward engineer who is there to pull down an old wooden bridge and build a new one while Harley Savage, a women with a less than happy relationship record, is there to set up a new Heritage Museum. Both have decided that they do not fit in and have given up on any idea of personal happiness. The story is told from the point of view of each of them and although slow is entertaining. The story is meant to be slow as as each of the pair narrates they tell of their whole thought process. This takes a little getting used to but when I did I could not help but feel for both of these characters. Both have major hang ups about themselves and so have built defences to protect themselves. As it says on the back of the cover "Grenville makes awkward atmospheres and fumbling encounters wonderfully vivid. Read it and cringe.". This is certainly true. At times I could almost feel my toes curling in sympathy with the knots that they two tie themselves into. The one part of the book that I did not get was the second almost cameo story concerning the local butcher and the wife of the bank manager. I really have no idea why this part of the book was included. Once again the reader is taken within the mind of Felicity in much the same way as with Douglas and Harley. Although entertaining I am not sure what this added to the book overall. Still puzzling over that one. Again on the back cover the book is described as "outrageously entertaining.". I am not quite convinced about that but I found it to be well worth the read.
  11. Oh how sad Momac. A lot of the smaller parishes around us share a minister and take it in turns to host the Sunday service. It is sad to see but at least they are keeping going. Yesterdays service was very uplifting and it was lovely to see many friends for coffee afterwards. Our daughter has many old friends at church and was able to tell a number of them that she will be a mother towards the end of the year. We have known for a few weeks that we are going to be grandparents. We had a lovely afternoon with both sets of kids in the afternoon. Today we have been down to see my parents and RG's Mum with our daughter and son-in-law. They gave all of them the good news. It will be the first great-grandchild on each side so as you can imagine there was much excitement and a few tears!
  12. H E Bates

    I read Love For Lydia last year and really enjoyed that. RG has instructions to look for this on Amazon for me. I have no idea why he has fallen out of fashion.
  13. I was fine by the time RG got home Momac. I know every year that the feeling is coming and I do love the emotional highs and lows of Easter it was just a little much yesterday afternoon. The kids are all coming over for a roast tomorrow which will be lovely and our daughter is meeting us at church. She has not joined a church of her own since they moved house last year so comes back to ours from time to time. Easter Sunday service is one of my favourite of the year so I am really looking forward to it.
  14. I have been back home a while now after going to the Good Friday service at our church earlier this afternoon and I think that I may finally have managed to calm myself down. I always say that I love Lent and Easter more than any other time of the church year because of the real lows and highs I experience. Maybe today was just a bit too low!!
  15. As it is Palm Sunday today the the service at our local church started at a local park. We had a pony named Pixie instead of a donkey! We were amazingly lucky with the weather as we stood and listened to a reading and sang a hymn before walking up the hill to continue the service in church. The whole choir joined us in their robes as well as our two ministers and the servers. It always seems rather special to be taking part in a service on the roadside with cars going past. In a way it seems as if we are more a part of the community. The whole service was very moving and I came away feeling uplifted. A great start to Holy Week.