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  1. A GHOST in the music-John Nichols
  2. Fredrik Backman

    They used flashbacks to good advantage and revealed the true character of Ove in layers. It was quite effective, although I'm sure the book would be better.
  3. I have now finished How to Live by Sarah Bakewell and I'm glad I read this. I knew nothing about Montaigne's life, and only a few pithy aphorisms from his work. I found his ideas fascinating and compelling, especially his combination of Stoicism and Skepticism. The parts dealing with the religious civil wars (between Catholics and Protestants) which plagued France in the late 1500s was interesting and all new news to me. And it was particularly thought provoking to read about the various interpretations and usurpations of Montaigne's work. All in all a very good, well researched, and well written book. Thanks for the recommendation, Luna!
  4. Fredrik Backman

    They made a thoughtful and entertaining movie from this book.
  5. As she CLIMBED across the table-Jonathan Lethem
  6. Octogomphus specularis (Grappletail dragonfly) perched on a cottonwood leaf on a sunny summer morning,absorbing solar radiation to energize its metabolism
  7. The SWEET love that you give sure goes a long, long way- Steve Forbert
  8. Mule deer migrating from the mountains to the lowlands with the first snows
  9. The Lord is a MONKEY-B**thole Surfers
  10. The remarkable Andrew; being the CHRONICLE of a literal man-Dalton Trumbo
  11. On Fire; A personal account of LIFE and death and choices-Larry Brown