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  1. Sorry RG, Chuntzy already linked with freedom, and I went on with SONGS from the Wood.
  2. SONGS from the wood-Jethro Tull
  3. Sorry Chuntzy, but I already linked with TICKLER. Do you have a song with FREEDOM?
  4. Everything that RISES must converge-Flannery O'Connor
  5. Yeah, sorry about that, RG! Rather thoughtless of me. I'd just been listening to Tom Waits, and didn't really consider the difficulty of matching 'eyeball'. Freedom TICKLER-Andrew Jackson Jihad
  6. The end of the WORLD news; an entertainment-Anthony Burgess
  7. Eyeball KID-Tom Waits
  8. Dirty old EGG sucking dog-Johnny Cash
  9. The mind is a terrible THING to taste-Ministry
  10. Silent C actually have to admit that I like some rap. But it cracked me up when I heard some old farmer say 'the C in rap is silent'😂😜😏😉
  11. My cosmic AUTUMN rebellion-The Flaming Lips