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  1. Water chestnuts
  2. Highway of ETERNITY-Clifford D Simak
  3. George Saunders

    You may well be right. The reason I doubted this is that none of the rest of the 'shades' had a similar experience, and that I would have expected a confession by the Reverend, since that seemed a prime preoccupation of the dead. And I don't think that an afterlife automatically implies a Judgement Day.
  4. Urchin, sea
  5. WILD; From lost to found on the Pacific Crest Trail-Cheryl Strayed
  6. NOT to touch the earth-Doors
  7. George Saunders

    I do have a question for anyone who has read this
  8. George Saunders

    I can only echo MrHG's praise for this novel. It was a spectacular read, and a virtuoso experiment in style, form and storytelling. And while it was often tragic, it never seemed sad, and was more often funny, with some very clever 'dialogue'. It worked for me on every level I could ponder it. 5 enthusiastic stars!!!
  9. PARTY on the patio-ZZ Top
  10. The strange case of DR. Jekyll and Mr Hyde-Robert Louis Stevenson
  11. Riding the STORM out-REO Speedwagon