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  1. Song Chain

    Sorry RG, Chuntzy already linked with freedom, and I went on with SONGS from the Wood.
  2. Song Chain

    SONGS from the wood-Jethro Tull
  3. Song Chain

    Sorry Chuntzy, but I already linked with TICKLER. Do you have a song with FREEDOM?
  4. Book Chain

    Everything that RISES must converge-Flannery O'Connor
  5. Song Chain

    Yeah, sorry about that, RG! Rather thoughtless of me. I'd just been listening to Tom Waits, and didn't really consider the difficulty of matching 'eyeball'. Freedom TICKLER-Andrew Jackson Jihad
  6. Book Chain

    The end of the WORLD news; an entertainment-Anthony Burgess
  7. Song Chain

    Eyeball KID-Tom Waits
  8. Song Chain

    Dirty old EGG sucking dog-Johnny Cash
  9. Song Chain

    The mind is a terrible THING to taste-Ministry
  10. Word Association MkII

    Silent C actually have to admit that I like some rap. But it cracked me up when I heard some old farmer say 'the C in rap is silent'😂😜😏😉
  11. Song Chain

    My cosmic AUTUMN rebellion-The Flaming Lips