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  1. Thanks Meg, have made a note of it.
  2. I wish we could get the series you mentioned Meg, sometimes we get them later on PBS. I really enjoyed the series that I did watch years ago - very brave men in the Lifeboat Association, can't remember the initials, Royal Lifeboat......... When you hear the helicopter patrolling, especially if the sea looks rough, it will set you to wondering about someone in trouble in their boat. In the Scilly Isles area there are many hazards for shipping apparently some miles off Lands End. I found the book interesting as it had lots of information I wouldn't otherwise know about.
  3. This novel is about a Merchant Marine ship, the Caledonia, which is carrying a cargo of steel plates in its hold.There are also twenty-six young schoolboys on a educational trip, one boy is the son of the British Prime Minister. They are caught in the Atlantic just off the coast of England by the Hurricane Fiona. The waves are so strong that the fuel in the tanks gets swirled around and some debris from the bottom gets caught up in the intake to the engines, shutting them down leaving the ship at the mercy of the storm. Now without the power to steer the ship is at the mercy of the waves and the wind and as it gets tossed around the steel cargo breaks loose from some of its chains and pierces the hull and the ship starts taking on water. An SOS for assistance goes out and the lifeboat station at Falmouth answers the call. The story from here is an 'edge of your seat' tale. A Sea King helicopter races to help and gets to the sinking ship but itself runs into trouble and has to limp its way to another ship standing by which has a helipad. The lifeboat meanwhile is making its way to the 'casualty' - lifeboat speak for the ship in distress. This is is one of these stories where there is just one almost disaster after another but it is so well told that it keeps the reader needing to know how it all turns out. I hadn't read anything by this author before and all the information about how the Lifeboats operate is really interesting - there was a BBC series I used to watch some years ago and it was well done. Anyone who likes suspenseful sea stories would enjoy this book.
  4. what is everyone doing?

    We had our first hard frost last night. When I got up this morning the roofs were white, so it must have been down to freezing last night. Autumn is my favourite season, especially if it's sunny, breezy days and cool nights. Was reading a book by Tess Gerritsen, she writes well, looks like it is going to be a CIA mystery, good so far but bed beckons.
  5. what is everyone doing?

    Some nights can be like that Luna. Glad you had no wind damage.
  6. what is everyone doing?

    That's usually the prime worry time as soon as the head hits the pillow. I have to be careful not to tune in to Trump's latest nonsense before going to bed and wondering whether the next day will have us all involved in a shooting war.
  7. what is everyone doing?

    You suffering from insomnia Tag? I've been up reading since 12:30, went to bed once then got back up again to read, but then I can sleep later in the morning if I want to.
  8. what is everyone doing?

    Glad that all seem to be safe from the storm, although so many thousands of people without power in Ireland is not too good for them. Hopefully power will be restored quickly. Do most people still have houses where there are working fireplaces iff? Nice that it avoided you Meg, in your new home. The visit from the Grandbaby and family must have been really enjoyable. The aftermath and tidy up can wait until you feel like doing it Meg. I can remember the gales that blew in from the Irish Sea when we lived in Blackpool, the one men's store on the promenade used to have it's big window blown in every winter until they finally found a solution to keep it safe. I liked going down to the promenade and watching the waves come over the railings, it was exciting to watch and sometimes a bit damp. That red sky must have been a really unusual sight Tag, might be a bit scary unless you knew what was causing it. In our news it said that the wind had picked up sand from the Sahara, a small world!
  9. Have a Rant!

    I wasn't sure whether I should post this rant as it probably cements me well and truly into the prejudiced camp but here goes. Police procedurals, mysteries and thrillers are usually my favourite choice for an uncomplicated read and now there are many women in the police force. I'm not really a fan of romance in novels but obviously the people involved have family and relationships, but usually not as the main thrust of the story. Since the LGBTQ matter has become quite a major part of society there are 'gay' members of the police force, and maybe always have been but not recognized, some writers are now creating 'gay' liaisons and romantic sub plots. It causes me embarrassment to read about male/female heavy breathing scenes but not as much as it does between two women. I'm sure crime can be solved without a steamy scene between people of the same sex at least in books. I was reading quite a good story and knew that a main character was gay, however I was really ticked off when in the last chapter she ends up in a clinch with another policewoman. It has a certain 'ick' factor for me. Also when Coronation street had two of their gay characters kiss on screen it was a bit of a shocker and it wasn't just a friendly kiss. I haven't yet watched the new incarnation of Corrie Street which Meg say is going back to a previous format.
  10. what is everyone doing?

    Looks like Ireland will take the brunt of it and the south west portion of Scotland, so our BGO Glaswegians and our other Scots please stay safe and you particularly iff, hope you are not near where there might be storm surge. I have a friend in Renfrew who has a caravan (trailer) on Gair Loch so I hope she stays home until the storm passed
  11. Was daydreaming and my mind drifted back to my childhood and various happy memories were floating around - loved when we visited Aunt Crocket (I think her name must have been Mrs. Crocket and I just tacked the Aunt onto the front) and the wonderful thing about her house was she had a piano, I was allowed to 'play' and entertain myself while the adults talked.....we stayed in my Granny's house when my Mum and Dad parted company, and I always was allowed to listen to Children's Hour on the BBC, it came on at 5 o'clock each day.....Grandpa had a lovely canary called Jokey who whistled beautifully and each night when it started to get dark Grandpa would put a cover on Jokey's cage so he would know it was time to go to sleep....on our short wave wireless it had a dial showing all the big cities and one city called Moscow interested me and I invented a friend with a name similar to that to talk to ....sometimes when there was a Gene Autry film on at the local cinema Granny would get all dressed up in her good black coat and hat and take me to see it, it was Granny who wanted to see Gene Autry and I was her excuse for going as she couldn't go by herself but I was always delighted, it wasn't until I was older that I realized that Granny had a bit of crush on Mr. Autry. These are just some snippets of mine and I wondered if anyone else cared to share some of their happy memories.
  12. Photos

    Great photos iff, good photography. What is the last one, the stones just breaking away with age? Is there something behind them?
  13. Currently reading this book, main character Detective Superintendent Ian Wilson. Have read quite a few of Derek Fee's books and find them well written and a bit of a look into the crime scene, fictionally, around Belfast where it seems not a lot has changed in the criminal element. DS Wilson's journalist friend, McDevitt, has just been shot and the Armagh police have charge of the incident. Wilson has oversight over the Northern Ireland crime scene and persuades his boss to let him be a consultant in the investigation as he feels the Armagh police don't have the required skills to do a good job. It's shaping up to be a good read and I would recommend Derek Fee to any of the BGO members who enjoy a good police story. d
  14. what is everyone doing?

    Thanks iff, it certainly had me wondering. Jung had done some sort of study on 'coincidences' which were strange, and he had a name for it. I should have looked it up before I posted. Anyway, there was one other really unusual happening to Dave and I several years ago. We moved from Richmond, British Columbia to Burlington, Ontario in 1978, a distance of about 3200 miles, when Dave was transferred. Some time later a newer, bigger shopping centre was built in a neighbouring town, and we thought we would go and see what it was like. While shopping there I happened to glance at a neighbouring store and was amazed to see our good friends, Jack and Bea, who live a couple of streets over from our former home in Richmond. They were visiting friends in a nearby town and had decided to drive to the same shopping centre we were at. That was quite a coincidence, all those miles away and we end up in the same place at the same time. I think maybe the Jung word I was looking for was synchronicity. Very strange.
  15. what is everyone doing?

    Getting close to Halloween so let me tell you a spooky story! Our son, Neil, now lives with his family in Yellowknife, Northern Canada, approximately 2000 plus miles from where we live. He is now 51. When he was a youngster he was very involved in track and was a fast runner. One of his school races was photographed many years ago by a local newspaper and a photo of him crossing the finish line found its way into a classmate's year book and from there onto Facebook a couple of years ago. I saw it and photocopied it. Yesterday I was looking for an address and this picture popped out of my address book, made me feel a bit sad and nostalgic so I found a frame for this raggedy piece of paper and put it on the table beside Dave's day bed. Later the same day I went on Facebook to catch up on everyone's news and Neil had just changed his profile picture.....it was the very same picture I had found that afternoon! How about that for a really weird coincidence? I thought for a moment that I was just seeing things, was a bit creeped out by it. Why would he just happen to post it the same day I had discovered it by accident? ESP anyone?