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  1. Hello Alodie and welcome. I like your name sort of sounds like Melody, musical sounding. I hope you find lots to interest you on the forum.
  2. Sounds very imaginative hux. I'm not a sci/fi reader now, seems I lost interest as I got older but used to watch Star Trek and Star Wars things and Outer Space when our boys were young - have never read a dystopian novel, really out of the modern loop but I'm sure your book will do well with the time travel plot. I wish you lots of luck and lots of readers. Will be interested in your progress.
  3. Various herbs
  4. H E Bates

    Binker I bought it from Amazon.UK in paperback form. It seems to me it was listed at 01 cents and just had to pay the postage which seemed odd.
  5. Haven't read the whole thread but what is your book about?
  6. Thanks Mr. HG but it was just for the main content that I wanted to delete once I had read it, and it's clear now.
  7. William Faulkner

    You've just convinced me that not reading this book is the right decision for me.
  8. William Faulkner

    I never got past the first few pages, it is still sitting on my list looking at me accusingly - I wonder if I'll ever feel the need to tackle it?
  9. Thanks Tag & Luna, that should work.
  10. I keep altering the number of days to keep the various posts and each time I go back in the same messages are still there and it shows I want 365 days' worth - not so - wish to see only the ones for the previous 3 days and each time I request it the number goes back again to 365 when I log on again. What am I doing wrong?
  11. Hello Gram, I really hope that the future will bring you the employment which works for you and it would be even better if it was nearer at hand than having to travel although that may be necessary. That sounds like the right choice about leaving the job you had, if you have a bad feeling about it within a short period of time the chances of it improving wouldn't be great. Being in a new home presents challenges but they all get worked out one way or the other and it might be interesting for you to venture into the DIY skills - you might find you like it although doors and frames might be a bit much for the first attempt. There are lots of books, as I'm sure you know, about how to put things together and you're a clever man so it might work out for you. I know that I'm not good with regular tools but sometimes I find my way around a problem by just using an implement at hand that works, although hubby is great with woodwork so anything problematic I leave to him. Cutlery comes in handy sometimes if a screwdriver isn't near to hand. Wishing you and Lady L all the best, and a hug for that curly haired young man from me, he looks like a really nice youngster with a lovely big sister.
  12. The Case of the Missing Will - Agatha Christie