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  1. Have a Rant!

    It would probably be useful to see what others have underlined if there was some sort of a communal discussion going on about a particular book but it has no useful function to me thus far. I certainly wouldn't buy a paper book already underlined. I don't think I'll be turning on highlighting myself. Thanks for printing out the information Luna, maybe some people would like to participate in this function.
  2. Have a Rant!

    Sort of a complaint although I have fixed it on my Kindle. I have come across a couple of books from Amazon now where someone has read the book and for reasons known only to them they have underlined certain passages. Now these are just the ordinary bread and butter type mysteries and thrillers, not educational texts. I get, to me, a new Kindle book, with these irritating underlined paragraphs which seem fairly random. And they do divert me from what I'm reading wondering why on earth would someone need to underline that! My question is why should I be paying to read a book previously marked up by someone else? On Google it tells you how to delete the marks which should not have been there in the first place in a supposedly 'new' book. It did take a bit of searching to find where I could delete them and there are other differences from my old and trusty previous Kindle.
  3. what is everyone doing?

    Glad you got your book Luna, always good to have something interesting to read.
  4. Bury Your Dead

    There apparently is a little shop near where the location of Three Pines would be were it real and they sell Three Pines coffee cups and other oddments. I've been to Quebec but it was many years ago and not near where the 'location' of the books is sited.
  5. Bury Your Dead

    I enjoy all of Louise Penny's books - would be nice to visit Her Three Pines location. I get her newsletter once a month and it's always interesting. I think she may have a place in London now since her husband passed away.
  6. what is everyone doing?

    Hope your snow clears soon Luna. Am really enjoying having a Kindle again, also Australian Open to watch so choice in the evening of what to do. CP you'll be disappointed that Andy is unable to play because of the hip problem. Thinking about the kitchen renovation and would like an arborite top on the table, no need for tablecloths, just wipe clean. Should be fun deciding. Brilliant sun today, blue skies and sparkling snow, very nice.
  7. what is everyone doing?

    Lots happening at once this week. Just had our usual contractor in to see if he could solve our overcrowded kitchen problem and lack of cupboard space. I fear that we're going to spend the 2018 budget all in the one month. He drew up a design for a cabinet along the one remaining clear wall and then is going to construct a counter with a rectangular table so we'll have to get rid of the big round maple table that Dave made about twenty years ago. It will be so nice to get all the clutter off the counter and get the pots and pans in a place where I can reach them easily. Time to start unloading stuff we don't use.
  8. A to Z Game

    Ice hidden by patches of snow catching the unwary
  9. what is everyone doing?

    Have the new Kindle operational after much time on the phone with Amazon 'help'. The first person was trying to be helpful but the accent was too strong and I had trouble understanding what he was saying. I would think that Amazon would try to get their phone employees to be able to speak English clearly along with their technical knowledge. There seemed to be no lack in the technical skill except I couldn't follow the directions. The second time I phoned a very helpful female assistant, clearly understandable although English not her first language, was able to sort out my problem of converting my Kindle to English instead of Spanish. So all systems seem to be "go".
  10. A Very English Scandal

    These politicians are a very different species - don't remember the Thorpe scandal as we had already been in Canada for several years. Considering all the scandal coming to light in the US the Profumo (sp) affair was small potatoes and that caused a great upheaval in British politics. No one murdered so far in the US government but I'm thinking there may be a reason why the President has such tight security.
  11. Have a Rant!

    Binker and Meg you are both so kind and you too Luna. Good friends although miles apart.
  12. Have a Rant!

    All suggestions gratefully received, Binker. Don't feel so bad today, just took the one day to fret and then the clouds cleared a bit. I'll be fine until the next phone call but I think that maybe that won't be until around Easter hopefully. I think I may even give the phone to Dave to let him handle it.
  13. Have a Rant!

    Hi Meg: We were very welcoming to Cora and her relatives when first we met and also to her parents when they came over to Canada but decided not to say, they were in an apartment in Toronto and couldn't get used to the high rise location and were very unhappy away from what they knew. The raspberry picking was probably by invitation but we were surprised at the time when she brought her sisters etc. but our berries didn't last - we were never lucky with small fruit growing. Once they got married the visits were more at their home than ours for their relatives. Our relationship just seemed to erode over the years and they had marriage problems which resolved but greatly altered our relationship with Cora as I think she expected me to chastise Donald and side with her. I'm sure that something I either said or did probably was not helpful so the blame is not all one sided. Anyway, as you say, the solution will be keeping the visits short and infrequent, I think we can manage that. Again, thanks for your advice Meg.
  14. Have a Rant!

    Thanks Meg, good advice, I should really be used to how she is as I remember when first I met her before she was married to Donald, she would come over to our house and pick the raspberries in the garden, she would bring many of her relatives and then designate who could pick what and where. The same when we would have them all over to dinner and had to extend the table and add extra small tables, Cora would designate who should sit where. Many years ago now gradually the relationship with us fell apart for various reasons although we did pick up for a while and then suddenly we were not welcome again, not sure what the problem was and never did find out. Now it's too late to drag it all up again. Some of it has to be cultural differences I guess, I know when she would visit and bring her sisters and maybe a friend they would all lapse into speaking Tagalog which left the rest of us wondering what was being said so that was an annoyance. Cora speaks fluent English but with a way of sometimes running the words together and I don't always know what she has said. I found that yesterday and as I'm quite deaf in one ear I missed a lot of the conversation. She doesn't bring her sister Priscilla any more as I was rude enough to tell Cora that I didn't care for Priscilla, she asked really personal questions about finance and as I had hardly ever spoken to her at all I thought that was out of line. You can tell by this diatribe that yesterday still has me in thrall but I shall overcome. I wonder if and when she might meet someone as she has just turned 70, she is several years older than Donald so I'm not sure that will happen. She is attractive and dresses well so perhaps....... Anyway again thanks for responding with good advice Meg, it will all work itself out one way or the other. A bright spot in the week, my new Kindle should arrive mid-week and as long as I can figure out how to get it operational it will be nice not to have to prop up the IPad.
  15. Have a Rant!

    Thanks Luna, there doesn't seem to be any reasonable solution from what I can see at the moment. Right now I just don't wish to see her again any time soon so that doesn't sound positive does it!