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  1. That's something nice to look forward to, catch up on the old neighbourhood, hope you enjoy the visit.
  2. Night time with moonlight shining on the street and watching a racoon or rabbit foraging for tidbits.
  3. Lit lanterns floating on the water during an Asian festival.
  4. Liked your cool looking forest photos Luna, nice to walk and 'bathe' in the shade.
  5. The pictures of the cliffs and the unwary people near the edge and tempting fate were daring and and a bit scary, wouldn't take much for chalky soil storm break off, certainly very scenic though. Didn't mean to post the whole of your post Meg, don't know how to isolate the bit I want. Edit: I have deleted the unrelated bits - is that the section you wanted? Megustaleer
  6. Heavy rain and thunderstorms overnight, humidity high, not pleasant but the plants and flowers will appreciate the water. Hope temps have moderated for Meg and CP and glad you enjoyed your forest outing Luna.
  7. Good that your temps are going down - it's such a relief when cooler air displaces the heat. In London today it looks really cloudy for the tennis and is quite a bit cooler, better for the players and the spectators.
  8. Binker, I was thinking more along the lines of activities outdoors when the weather gets really hot there, I know that when the temp gets up around 90 here I stay indoors in the cool but some folks seem to just relish the heat. I guess maybe spending the first years of my life in Scotland and England I'm more accustomed to cooler climates also British Columbia, Canada the temp usually is more moderate. I know what you mean about buildings being air-conditioned, if you are out in the heat and have to spend time indoors you usually need a sweater. Most of the more recently built homes here in Burlington and Hamilton have air-con but some of the older ones don't and they rely on it maybe being cooler in the basement or have lots of fans going.
  9. Luna and Meg, such a nice feeling to have some coolness roll in after uncomfortable heat and it's good that they are fixing the leak in your garden Meg and that you don't have to worry about having to arrange to get it fixed yourself. Didn't realize that rhodos could be more of an annoyance than a delight. Of course, I haven't seen any for many a year although I think they do grow in British Columbia. I like lupins, very elegant. Dave has quite taken to the tennis and sits and watches with me, I am more liable to get bored if it is a ho hum type of game.
  10. Thanks Luna for the information. Hopefully your weather will moderate even more Meg, hot weather can be quite a burden. I often wonder how Binker manages as they get really hot weather in Texas in the summer but watching the tennis in London yesterday the temp was 39 C and that's over 100F - don't know how folk can run around in that heat! Hope you are coping o.k. In the heat CP and that you will be feeling much better soon. Good that you made it out to the church service you wanted to attend. Enjoy the rain Luna, the forest will be really fragrant after a good rainfall and you will be able to 'bathe' nicely. Was thinking today about flowers I miss in our garden and a shrub which grows wonderfully well in Scotland but is not seen much here in Ontario. Rhododendrons aren't plentiful here and I don't know if it's a climate thing or soil composition but I miss them, the other flower is lupins, we had some in the garden one year but they seemed to die off, I think they are perennials. Just doing some flower daydreaming.
  11. The Russia House - John Le Carre
  12. Dave has just finished reading Little Cyclone by Airey Neave and has given it back to me to read. He really enjoyed it and a thank you goes to the BGO member who recommended it. Seems to me it may have been Tay and I can't check as I have trouble navigating former posts in the new format. I'll read it once I finish my current book.
  13. Irish landscapes