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  1. Oh, CP, how worrying - and the increasing temperatures won't be helping. I hope the dermatologist is able to prescribe something to soothe the discomfort. I had a bitty sort of day, Out in the garden early to water the various containers, then a load in the washing machine followed by a trip to the Supermarket and then B&Q (Wednesday is pensioners discount day) to buy another big bag of multi-puropse compost, some bamboo canes and a couple of packs of bedding plants. I don't normally do bedding, but there are a couple of places still to have their permanent planting, and I decided that a few verbena plants would keep the weeds down for now. They didn't get planted today, as my back was already playing up from packing & unpacking the groceries, and it was getting a bit too hot - lovely for drying my washing 'though. In the afternoon I had to pick up my granddaughter from school as her mum had taken eldest grandson to a routine hospital appointment in London. Got given a lesson on the vascular system when the middle child (aged 12) got home from school all hot and sweaty, and cooled himself down by submerging his wrists in cold water. He does love to share these little nuggets of scientific information Later in the afternoon Mr meg and I were amused by the antics of a female herring gull on the roof of the house opposite. She drew my attention by her short, almost cooing call, as she attempted to seduce her mate, rubbing her beak or head against him. He put up with all the attention quite stoically, although he did move to another part of the roof a few times, but she didn't take 'no' for an answer and just followed to continue her invitations. Eventually he gave up his show of indifference, and obliged, so in due course there will be another screeching juvenile gull practicing take-offs and landings on the flat roof next door. (which is an entertainment in itself, as I can see them from my armchair and it is often more amusing than watching the TV)
  2. Me too, but I'm not a Bond fan. I preferred him as Ivanhoe, or better still, as The Saint.
  3. Cherry Pie, so sorry that your daughter's pregnancy, and the need to avoid her usual medication has caused her eczema to flare up badly. Must have been awful to be nauseous and itchy, so I hope the milder medication helps her. through the next trimester, when she should be blooming! I am still trying to get things done in the garden. Did far too much on Saturday, refusing to listen to my groaning back because i wanted to finish the last job of the morning - to get all my climbing beans planted. I did it, but suffered with pain in my back and hips for the rest of the day, and much of the night. Better yesterday, and confined myself to a job that could be done standing upright. preparing an area I am going to plant with squashes this morning. Bending even slightly gave me warning twinges so I left Mr meg to mix the compost and topsoil for it, and for filling some big tubs. He's mixing more at the moment, to add to the last raised bed. I will be going out shortly to plant the squashes. They are going in a narrow, deep planting space between two walls (about 9ins wide x 3ft deep}.I can manage that without any bending at all . Then it's off to singing! Expect posts from me by the end of the week complaining about the weather. 24 degrees is the hottest I can be comfortable in, and its heading to 30+ over the next few days
  4. No rain w this morning! Which meant that i could go to my U3A Music Appreciation group (a 20min walk away). Made it home OK, but ow it's raining again!! Younger son & DiL have just asked if we are free on the BH weekend to visit them (and baby grandson). I'll say we are!, haven't seen him since the beginning of February!
  5. Have done absolutely nothing as It has rained all day. It was just showers this morning - every time I stepped out of the door, then non-stop from about 2.30pm until now, and is set to coninue most of the night and on and off tomorrow morning. A good, steady rain, which will do the garden a lot of good, so I'm not complaining. I just couldn't work up any enthusiasm for finding an alternative occupation (such as housework!) to the planting I am itching to get on with. Sun on Saturday, with a bit of luck.
  6. We have been having a little problem with theT V licensing authority. The week before we moved here I went onto their website and filled in the appropriate details, and while I was at it, informed them that they had had Mr meg's first initial wrong for the previous 40+ years. All went well, i thought as they took the DD from our account last year, and again this year. Then we got a letter saying that our free licence for over 75s was due to run out, and if still needed to re-apply with qualifying details. I thought this was just an automatically generated letter because the previous owner had been over 75**, and we could ignore it because we had paid our licence fee on the due dates ever since we moved. Then yesterday we got a letter addressed to The Current Occupier, saying that there is no licence issued to this address and making the usual threats of a huge fine etc. So I went onto their website again, and asked why we had this letter as they had taken our money on the past two due dates - giving Mr meg's name and email address, because he set up the original TV licence. The reply that we got was that the account I had written about (I had given the a/c number) was not in Mr meg's name, and they couldn't deal with a third party. Small panic! I wrote back with all the details of our move, new & old address, the date on which we had contacted them about both our move and of their use of Mr meg's wrong initial, and offered to provide details of all the addresses we had paid licence fees for since 1973 - and said that if that wasn't enough to get the matter corrected then would they please return the last two DD payments they had taken (presumably for our old address), and we would then take out a new licence for this address. This morning we got an actual apology, and an assurance that all the details on our licence had been corrected,and the issue is now resolved !phew! I could really have done without the aggravation, especially as I had made quite sure that all services we had dealings with had been informed of the move, in advance, and before the computer was packed away. ** we are not quite there yet!
  7. Maybe. I'm not holding out much hope. Trump's supporters are not going to accept any result that goes against him, any more than Brexit "leave" voters would stand for a second referendum reversing that decision. I think, quite literally, there would be riots. But then, I am currently very pessimistic about the state of the world in general.
  8. Good luck with your attempt at speaking Czech, chuntzy. If it's anything like my experience with Spanish phrase books, by the time you've found the phrase you want the opportunity to use it is long gone. Well done you to be making the attempt, though. Weather here was exceedingly humid and unpleasant today. Didn't do anything energetic, but did have to make some attempt at protecting plants from the threatened torrential downpour that was forecast for this evening. Mostly tying the broad beans and tomatoes up a bit more firmly, putting seedlings and small plants under temporary covering and bringing a pot of basil into the house. It has rained quite a lot, but I don't think it was actually "torrential" i saw Laura Kuenssberg on the 10pm news reporting from under an umbrella somewhere near Westminster, and was quite distracted by the sight & sound of the rain falling behind her - that was torrential I don't think we've had anything like as bad as that.
  9. Gardening again this morning, in spite of migraine & hot sun. Needed to make a start on the front garden before it gets totally out of hand. Pleased with how much i got done, until I looked at how much still needs doing. Going to have a nap now, as migraine kept me awake for much of the night.
  10. Yes, I joined a U3A singing group local to our new home. It is very different to my previous one. Some things I like more, but mostly I miss the dedication the old group puts into learning the songs and rehearsing them until they felt happy enough to perform to an audience. I miss their selection of songs, too. Still, at least I am singing, which is very good for one's physical and mental health.
  11. I do sometimes use the baby leaves as salad greens, but mostly wait until they are a good size, then shred and cook them Off to singing in a short while. I haven't been for three weeks (away on family holiday, then no meeting for the Bank Holiday and Mr meg's hospital appointment last week). I have missed it!
  12. I do a combined macaroni and cauliflower cheese, with a layer of ratatouille (or similar tomatoey veg mix) at the bottom, the macaroni in the middle and then cauliflower florets, all topped with the cheese sauce. As I bought a cauliflower yesterday it will probably be on the menu in the coming week .....probably with a layer of swilss chard under the veg at the bottom
  13. Today got a bit de-railed. A neighbour called and offered Mr meg as much sieved topsoil as he would like to collect and, never being one to turn down something free, he spent the morning barrowing it down the road, and I had to deal with it. Luckily we bought a huge bag of multipurpose compost a couple of days ago, so I got on with mixing the two together and filled three big tubs, and added a good layer to the third raised bed. Mr meg also filled an empty dustbin with topsoil, so that i can mix up more when my back has recovered from today's efforts. So, no trip to the shops again. Tonight's dinner will either be fishcakes from Sainsbury's-next-door, or fish'n'chips from the chippy across the road.
  14. Yes, smoked fish is generally poached in milk - don't know why. We didn't have that yesterday as i never got to the shops - had a rest from the chard, too. We may have the fish tonight - there's some salmon in the freezer, but I am fancying smoked fish. We don't very often have kippers - probably because of the memories of all those bones! On the rare occasion we do, i get the 'boil-in-the-bag' type -which at least means the house doesn't smell of it for days, but they still have bones! I'm not very adventurous with fish, Mr meg spends so much time picking it about on the lookout for bones that it doesn't seem worth the effort. So I generally stick to what i know he will eat without fuss.
  15. I'm sure you are right, and it is also a lot cheaper when you take into consideration the trips to the garden centre, where the bill is always "too much" I hadn't actually intended to do any serious gardening when we moved, and left a lot of garden equipment behind, but I just couldn't help myself! Besides, growing fruit & veg yourself is much more satisfying than buying it, and a trip to the garden centre more pleasurable than traipsing round the supermarket. More importantly to me, having eaten home-grown climbing beans for years I no longer enjoy the ones from the shops, and having almost given up eating apples since we parted with our 'orchard' because there isn't such variety and they don't taste as good (and are so expensive), I can't bear the thought of not having fresh french and runner beans in the summer. Once the garden layout is finalised (what a grand term for such a small plot!) and the raised beds finally filled and ready for planting the gardening should be less tiring, and time consuming. At least, that's what I tell myself. As for Swiss chard, it is a bit limp and silky just plain steamed, and I don't often use it as a side dish on it's own, but it is lovely as an ingredient in many dishes. This week, to use up the last of the current crop we have had it in a dish comprising left-over chicken with various vegetables all cooked together and served over couscous (Rice would do as well). Last night was pasta with lots of chopped chard leaves, a little chilli and crumbled Stilton, topped with toasted walnuts. I am considering smoked haddock on a bed of chard and topped with a poached egg for tonight. Chard can be used as a substitute for spinach in many dishes, and once I have picked the remains of last year's sowing, and while waiting for the new ones i will nave to buy spinach instead