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  1. Galleries, Museums...y'know kultcha!

    Mr meg & I had an interesting and enjoyable time going around the 'Constable and Brighton' exhibition at the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery this morning. Having lived in NW Essex, and been a frequent visitor to Sussex I am aware of Constable as a landscape and sky-scape painter, but had not seen his seascapes before. Most of the pictures on show are preparatory sketches for reference when working on bigger pictures, but delightful to see close up and in detail. I particularly enjoyed looking at one picture, not land-, sea- , or sky-scape but of the trunk of an elm tree. The bark is beautiful, and painted in exquisite detail - i felt so lucky to be able to get my nose almost up against the glass to view it. We didn't have time to explore the rest of the museum, or other exhibitions, but will return!
  2. what is everyone doing?

    Went for an eye test yesterday afternoon - thr first since we moved, and I was overdue one even then. Seems that the sight in my 'good' eye has deteriorated signifcantly - so much so that I can't have the full correction in one step - so will probably have to have a second new pair next year, once I am used to this prescription. Also I have the beginning of a cateract in that eye This will all explain the problems I have been having in recent years, and why I have almost given up reading. Let's hope the new glasses make sufficient difference that I can enjoy my books again!
  3. The Muse

    I came to this thread after reading today's contribution by woofwoof to the thread on The Miniaturist, in the hope that this book would be a better read. Unfortunately the reviews from BGO readers are not giving me much hope of an improvement.
  4. what is everyone doing?

    Just been out and spent a scary amount of money on tickets for various forthcoming events in Brighton. Tomorrow Mr meg & I are planning to visit the Constable and Brighton Exhibition at Brighton museum - it's only on for a couple of weeks more, but i avoid Brighton in August if I can. Next month I am going to the Jane Austen at Home (a one woman performance/recital of excerpts from Jane Austen's writings), but before then I intend to visit the Jane Austen by the Sea display - I was intending to go today, but there was a humongous group of students about to enter the Pavilion, so I gave it a miss. In December I've booked for a reading of A Christmas Carol in the Music Room at Brighton Pavilion, and Mr meg & I are also intending to go to the annual Christmas celebration of seasonal poems and song (plus mulled wine and mince pies ) which is a members only event, also at the Brighton Pavilion. I had also intended to book a seat for the matinee performance of Ruth Rendell's "A Judgement in Stone", at the Theatre Royal - but it is a touring production, and The Company sets the seat prices , which means that the theatre cant charge their normal reduced matinee price. A bit too much for me - especially with the amount I'd just spent on tickets at the Pavilion so The Company will have to do without my company for the matinee performance.
  5. what is everyone doing?

    I share his pain! (and had a good chuckle) Although it is jam, not chutney, that is my problem. I rarely eat it, and Mr meg, as you all must know by now, does not like waste and brings home all sorts of donated or foraged fruit His current abundant supply has gone into the freezer, as we still have vast quantities of the jams and chutneys that moved house with us. Not sure how I will cope next autumn
  6. what is everyone doing?

    Mr meg has brought more cooking apples home today, and Sainsbury's-Next-Door had parsnips on their reduced trolly. Might have to make soup - but will need to buy more plastic tubs to freeze it in, as almost all of the ones I brought with us are now in the freezer, full of the fruit he brought home last time, or courgette/onion.tomato stew. He also brought more pears, so maybe I should make some pear and ginger chocolate crumble, too.
  7. Can't decide if I am going to watch this dramatisation of Ian McEwan's 1987 novel. I have read it twice, many years apart, and couldn't make my mind up about it on either occasion. I'm pretty sure I started a thread about it on the second attempt, but it is one of the many we lost when BGOClassic went to the wall. Anyone else think they might watch it - either out of curiosity as to what sort of a fist they make of it, or just as a Benedict Cumberbatch fan?
  8. what is everyone doing?

    I have seen the post you reported, Luna, but I'm not sure what, if any, policy we have on permissions. Two other mods have seen it and have no problem with it, so I'm inclined to leave it . If anyone actually objects to it we might need to think again, but otherwise it has been attended to I'm sorry to hear that your father is feeling below par at the moment, I hope he perks up soon.
  9. Problems with posting

    me too, but my password is one of very few that i actually remember - probably because BGO was the first online 'community' I joined. I didn't have to choose a new password though, the old one worked ok. Is it a problem with the device tou are using chuntzy? i think there are occasional problems using different tablets/phones etc. Not something i know about, I'm chained to my desk top iMac. i am regularly automatically logged out of the mods forum, and when that happens posts don't show up for me on the 'Unread Content' list. It takes a long time for it to dawn on me that I haven't seen anything new for ages, but luckily we rarely have any 'issues' to discuss these days and I've not actually missed anything, The first time it happened I panicked, as the password was chosen by David and, as I stay logged in, I hadn't needed to use it and couldn't remember it. Luckily a random word popped into my mind, and it was the right one. I haven't forgotten it since!
  10. what is everyone doing?

    I have made leek & potato soup, but not for years. It is a lovely soup, but my taste is for something a bit spicier - like curried parsnip & apple. The poetry group is part of the local U3A, so the members are all U3A members. I announced I was starting it during the AGM last week and three signed up straight away. Two more have phoned me since, and as it will be on the list of groups in next month's newsletter there may be still more wanting to join. I will be holding the meetings in our sitting room, so it may be a bit of a squash! Can't sit back and ignore the garden yet - I will need to tidy it up and start on the winter chores soon. We may yet get an Indian Summer, but no amount of sun or warmth is going to bring about a resurrection of the shrivelled vegetation, so I need to pull up the corpses and put them on the compost heap. Apparently the temperature around here was 34C on this date last year - I think we are currently struggling to make 14C
  11. what is everyone doing?

    Nasty gusty, salty wind over the last couple of weeks has wrecked my garden. Only the leeks still looking healthy. Keep counting my blessings 'though - the wind hasn't blown my home away, nor have I been flooded out. Having given up on the summer I have started knitting again. Baby grandson has all but grown out of all the tiny garments I made last winter, so I need to get on with the next size. Now have five people signed up for my Poetry Group
  12. C*******s is Coming

    Couldn't believe my eyes - barely a fortnight after a boiling hot Bank Holiday weekend, and our Sainsbury's Local has panettone and mince pies in C*******s wrapping! Are the shops near you as quick off the mark this year?
  13. what is everyone doing?

    U3A is the abbreviation by which The University of the Third Age is generally referred. Each individual U3A branch is different as, although existing under the umbrella of, and complying with the regulations of The Third Age Trust charity, each branch is run and organised by its members. The branches run various activity groups ranging from the very intellectual to the physical and the purely social. The object of the groups is to provide stimulation on various levels to those no longer in full-time employment. (it used to be for those of retirement age, but in recent years that definition has fallen foul of age discrimination laws). The groups are set up and run by individual members, sharing their expertise free of charge with other members. Sometimes it is necessary to bring in paid tutors, but this is not encouraged by the Trust. In my previous U3A I ran a Gardens group for several years, also a Knitting and Crochet group. I helped set up a Poetry group, was a member of the local U3A choir and for one year belonged to a Literature Study group (but couldn't cope with the amount of actual study required to continue into a second year), Here I have joined the Singing group and the Music Appreciation group. Mr meg belongs to the Scrabble group.
  14. what is everyone doing?

    U3A AGM today. We were told in no uncertain terms that most of the committee will have to retire this time next year, and are not at full strength as it is. If there are no volunteers to join the committee then this branch of U3A will have to close. A couple of the impending vacancies have, as of today, replacements learning the ropes so they are ready to take over in due course. It is my experience that it is generally only when long-standing volunteers actually put their coats on and leave that new volunteers are galvanized into action. I volunteered for one job but, thankfully, someone more well known to the membership had been persuaded to give it a try. I will be starting a "Poetry for Pleasure" group next month, and three members have signed up to join.
  15. The Insides

    Binker, i assumed that the duplicate thread was a mistake, and deleted it!