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  1. H.E. Bates

    I can recommend Love For Lydia, and The Jacaranda Tree. Am ashamed to say that these two, plus Fair Stood the Wind for France, his three most well known novels, are the only books of HE Bates that I have read - apart from The Darling Buds of May and the other "Larkin" novels - which are quite another kettle of fish altogether
  2. Bill Browder

    The title of this thread has been changed to that of of the book, and tagged with the author's name. It has also been moved from Central Library to the appropriate genre forum. I have left Cowboy123's Amazon link, as we have no hyerlink for Canada, and have added the BGO Amazon Hyperlinks for the UK & US.
  3. Didn't have to wait too long! Woken a bit after midnight to thunder and heavy rain! Not all that much rain, and only a few bursts of it was really heavy, so no damage to plants in the garden. I got up and sat for an hour watching a spectacular display of nature's own Son et Lumiere. Flashes of lightening coming from every side, and some so bright that, for the split second, the garden could be seen in full colour. Rather glad we are in a bungalow! Absolutely nothing to show for it this morning, other than a few puddles - a calm sea and a blue sky for my morning walk.
  4. Have been hanging on all evening in hope of the heavy rain we were supposed to get from teatime onwards. Heard some thunder rumbling around in the distance, but no rain and no obvious rain-clouds in sight. May have to get the hose out in the morning
  5. Not saying that Cillic should not have played, just very surprised that he should have acquired a blister in the first place. I would have expected that foot care, including socks & shoes that did not cause friction, would have been a very high priority for someone who was likely to be spending hours dashing about on a tennis court. Injuries caused by a slip, or trip, or by over-reaching I can understand, but I would have though a blister was avoidable considering all the money spent on medical/physio experts and on equipment/clothing.
  6. What you mean is that there has not been a single book in the English language so far that you have found funny. Humour is very subjective and you may have a unique sense of humour. I personally found Mark Wallington's The Missing Postman very funny, also Nigel Williams' The Wimbledon Poisoner and several of Tom Sharpe's books. Jasper Fforde\s books have appealed to a number of BGO members over the years, but you do have to be on his wavelength to appreciate them, it took me a while. If you have not found a funny book, what do you find funny in other areas?
  7. Looking forward to seeing how this works, but sad that I won't be exhanging views with David about it, Jodie Whittaker was impressive in Broadchurch, so I'm hopeful.
  8. Glad to see the back of the tennis! Shocked that a blister on his foot put paid to Cillic's game. A blister?! That is unforgivable - must be down to poor foot care, the wrong type of sock, or ill-fitting shoes. Can't believe a top-ranking player, or his team, would not be paying close attention to getting these things absolutely right. but at least it meant that the mixed doubles could be played on centre court, and were finished before nightfall!, Managed my 14th consecutive daily walk this morning.
  9. Just thought I'd wake this thread up to wish Grammath a Happy Birthday. Don't know what sort of celebration he had planned, but after weeks of sun, Sussex-by-the Sea is experiencing rain. I do miss our old member Momo, who kept track of everyone's birthday.
  10. Don't know what happened to Murray, but he is having ice-baths to ease some problem with his hip. They must be effective, as he seems to have done pretty well today. Konte had a really nasty fall during the recent tournament at Eastbourne - she banged her head on the floor and injured her spine. Luckily she had a few days rest before her next match and that (and presumably some intensive physio ) saw her OK again. It probably looked worse than it actually was. She's certainly not showing any ill effects at Wimbledon.
  11. That might have meant Murray's and Konte's injuries last week could have stopped them entering, which even I know would have been a terrible blow to UK fans. As it is, both are doing well (the last I heard). I do have a slight interest in Konte's progress, as she is sort of "local" to us. At the time I have been walking it is not hot. It was before 05:30 this morning, thanks to an open window and the loud squawking of seagulls
  12. I have managed to get out for an early walk on five consecutive mornings. Not long walks, and not very vigorous walks (in fact quite a bit of time has been spent standing looking at the sea), but at the moment I am working on making it habitual and hope to build up the distance and energy expended once the weather cools down. Still hating this heat. The sun is shining through the french doors into the sitting room before 9am, when I shut the doors and curtains until 2pm. By 4 it will be blazing through the bedroom windows, and will do so until about 9, when I can open all the windows and doors for an hour or so, in the hope of cooling the house enough to get some sleep. No shade in the garden, and bldy tennis on for hours on both BBC tv channels so Mr Lil is hogging the sitting room. Just don't know what to do with myself
  13. Had a lovely time with Younger Son, DiL & Grandbaby (who is still gorgeous!). Don't recall doing anything particularly strenuous, but came back shattered. I kept dozing off in the car (Mr meg driving, not me!)., had a nap when we got home, and fell asleep in front of the TV at about 9pm. Not feeling particularly perky this morning, and now have to go sinsing. Have committed myself to picking up Granddaughter from school, and to sitting with the local grandchildren while Elder Son takes this DiL out for a birthday meal. May be asleep on their sofa when they get home - hope the kids can put themselves to bed!!
  14. Had a lovely time with our ex-next-door neighnours. We talked and ate from mid afternoon on Wednesday to lunchtime Thursday( with a brief walk along the undercliff as the rain had stopped and the sun came out about half an hour before they were due to leave. Mr meg & I were shattered, and went to bed when hey left. We both slept for a couple of hours, put the house to rights, ate leftovers for dinner and went back to bed. The guest bed still has to be turned back into a sofa so we can use of the spare room and there's lots of laundry to do, but we are visiting baby grandson (& parents ) tomorrow, so that can wait - I made cakes today
  15. Michael Bond - creator of Paddington Bear