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  1. Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

    Threads merged. Can't believe that it's over 10 years since I read Miss P. - and since Mm started this thread.
  2. what is everyone doing?

    Grandbaby's parents liked it too . We had a lovely visit at the w/e (in spite of grandbaby crying on & off for an hour at 03:30, coinciding with urban foxes holding a noisy conversation in neighbouring gardens). The little chap has cut 5 teeth since we saw them last month - one of them over the w/e, which probably explains the crying in the small hours.
  3. what is everyone doing?

    So kind of you to say so. I always feel that my stocking stitch is quite uneven, especially now as, with my hands getting more arthritic, I have trouble holding the yarn in tension. It's good to know that other eyes don't notice the faults that seem so glaring to me
  4. what is everyone doing?

    Thank you both. It was fun to do, and much quicker than the one I took a break from to make it. That is in an "entrelac" pattern, which has a sort of basket-weave appearance, and I am now sewing in all the loose ends - the worst bit!
  5. Galleries, Museums...y'know kultcha!

    Haven't made it back there yet - I don't go into Brighton very often, and if I do it's usually straight in to buy something specific, or to visit the theatre or the Royal Pavilion, and straight home afterwards. I will probably take another look round the museum in the new year, but generally Brighton is too big and too busy for me.
  6. what is everyone doing?

    Here it is!
  7. what is everyone doing?

    Have just finished knitting a Christmas sweater for the grandbaby - that is not a sweater for Christmas, but a Christmas themed one, with an appliqued Snowman on the front. We are due to visit this weekend, so I abandoned the knitting I had on the go to get this one done in time to take with us. No good keeping it until Christmas, as the time for wearing it would be over, and of course he will have outgrown it by next year,
  8. what is everyone doing?

    I am of the opinion that Trump's overriding ambition, even if not directly stated, is to overturn every law/regulation that Obama set up. I think what he really would like is to erase of all evidence of Obama ever having been POTUS
  9. Is Tess of the D'Urbervilles a Feminist Novel?

    Link deleted as links to other book review sites are not allowed. You may post a fuller review here for discussion by BGO members if you wish
  10. what is everyone doing?

    Can hardly believe it's November; although I am clearing some dead & decaying plants from the veg plot I am still picking ripe outdoor tomatoes. I took all the current fruit off yesterday, the red and the green, but couldn't bring myself to grub out the plants that are still flowering - not that I expect them to produce fruit this year. Surely we will get a frost before much longe, even this close to the sea.
  11. Site problem?

    Missing again! edit: and now (20hrs later) it is back!
  12. Site problem?

    Amazon banner back this lunchtime
  13. what is everyone doing?

    It's not so much the hardiness as having to combat the force of the prevailing wind, and the roots not getting a good purchase in the sandy soil. I bought some strong tubular steel screw-in tree supports, to hold up some wind-break netting in a particularly vulnerable part of the garden, and although having been screwed in very deeply the wind still causes one particular pole to lean over and make a hole in the ground at its base. Sadly lack of hardiness does seem to be a problem with most of my clematis. They can cling on to the shrubs and netting they grow through with no trouble, but if we get really stormy weather then the wind, presumably salt-laden, causes the leaves and flowers to shrivel & scorch. But I will persevere - they come back eventually, and I'm not ready to dig them up yet!
  14. Site problem?

    I emailed Stuart about the bandwidth problem, and that has been fixed. The Amazon link is probably a different problem altogether, and I still don't have it.
  15. Site problem?

    Am I the only one having trouble with our Amazon link? The Amazon.co.uk banner is currently not appearing at the top of the page - I first noticed this a couple of weeks ago and started a new thread about it, but as soon as I posted the thread the banner reappeared, so I deleted the thread. I have pootled about the forum for a while this afternoon hoping it would return, but it has not done so yet. I have the BGO?Amazon address bookmarked, so I am hoping my purchases through that will still be credited to BGO. The Amazon.com banner at the bottom is still there, and that accesses a button to get to Amazon.co.uk - but is that to the BGO link, and will BGO still get the commission in the UK, or in the US?