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  1. Have a Rant!

    I wonder if it is something to do with the new Kindle, and the way it 'reads' the book? I have no dea how Kindles work, but it seems odd that more than one book has had these markings. I had all sorts of odd and unexpected things appearing when I bought the new computer, and upgrades on the old one generally did things I wasn't wanting.
  2. Poetic Wanderings

    It's supposed to be a different link word to the one used in the previous poem
  3. Read back in 2015 during a year when decluttering, prior to downsizing, and health problems got in the way of reading, and the thread started about nearly 3 years late! It is a lovely gentle book, told in separate anecdotes that are in vaguely chronological order, but with some repetition of events as Frd remambers them in different contexts.
  4. Like the Georgette Heyer mystery I read last year “Why Shoot A Butler”, I picked this book up from a charity bookstall, probably the same one, in the hope that it would get me back into reading. I think I enjoyed this a bit more than last year’s ,in spite of saying I had lostt my enthusiasm for this type of ‘30s country house murder story. Probably because my expectations were lower . The two books have several things in common; the country house setting, the upper middle-class ‘cast’, the numerous suspects, the outdated non-PC attitudes, and (weirdly) a detective who falls in love with, and proposes to the main character, who should be one of the suspects (and this detective an actual policeman - ‘though of a superior class to most). Also, and this is very irritating, this edition, dated 2006, was clearly not edited by a literate human being. There are several places where single words make no sense in the sentence - obviously missed by the spell-check because it only checks for spelling, not for sense. Grrr! I do have another Heyer mystery waiting to be read, but it may be a while before I am ready to try it. At least that one will not have the detective marrying one of the suspects, as it sone of a series, all featuring the same policeman.
  5. Randomly Grouped Titles

    I am amused to see that the following books had posts made about them last week. Slaughterhouse Five Sing Unburied Sing Freelance Pallbearers Bury Your Dead Have BGO readers suddenly developed a taste for the morbid? I don't know if this happens very often, but I will be looking out for more groups of threads on randomly themed subjects
  6. Poetic Wanderings

    I think this should be a February poem, but there are snowdrops already out in my garden, so in honour of them and the coming spring... Snowdrops The first day of this month I saw Their active spearheads. Dry and raw They rose from grass, beside my pond, In a white stockade. And now, beyond Far evergreens, more gather, and Advance on dead ground. Dour they stand As if numb earth depended on Their stolid hold. And what has gone, Or will go, when they give, means time. Time to be emptying ponds of slime. Time to be slow, time to work hard. I see them thicken, yard by yard. These are the first of our strong flowers Before the spring, or April showers, They teem with loyalty, and fight For a place in the sun. Static in flight Their icy lances pierce with green Last year's downed leaves. I touch one. Clean And moist upon my reaching palm. I feel its energy, its calm. George Macbeth
  7. The Quantum Ten

    Sheilla (with 2 'l's) Jones
  8. Have a Rant!

    that also goes for my twopennorth,
  9. Rest in Peace

    Cyrille Regis. I'm not a football fan, but having been born practically on the doorstep of The Hawthorns i have always vaguely followed the fortunes (or otherwise) of West Bromwich Albion, and remember Cyrille Regis as a great player associated with the club. Sad to hear of his sudden death yesterday. Also, today, Dolores O'Riordan, lead singer of The Cranberries. Both far too young.
  10. Have a Rant!

    I am sure that, as you say, this has a lot to do with cultural differences, but she should really observe the culture of the home in which she is a guest. Unfortunately I expect it is too late for her to learn that, and that you feel your duty as hostess is to treat her with consideration. I think your only recourse is to say 'no' occasionally when she wishes to visit, and to have some reasons handy for making the visits short. I am surprised that you have let her pick your fruit and poke about in your fridge, but I expect that took you unawares!
  11. Have a Rant!

    You do not mention any children, so I do not see any real reason why you should have particularly close contact with Cora. Keep the visits to as few as you can put up with, and very short. Be quite formal and polite, but if she is really obnoxious tell her that her criticisms are not welcome. I know you are too well-mannered to do that, but if she can't behave properly in someone else's home she needs to be told. I bet that if she finds herself a beau she won't give a minutes thought to stoping her visits.
  12. Currently Reading

    The Unfinished Clue- one of Georgette Heyer's mystery novels. Had half an hour or so to wait for a blood test, so took this along to keep me occupied. I am hoping to find other opportunities to read the odd chapter, but I have a cardigan to knit for Grandbaby's birthday at the end of the month, so that will take priority. Still, it's a step in the right direction.
  13. what is everyone doing?

    I have a knitted one that I made in the mid eighties (below) and the rest I acquired gradually, probably from the start of this century. i know the first was a rather lovely one I saw in the window of the Bury St Edmunds Cathedral shop, and I just had to have it. I bought several others from similar sources over the next few years, and the Fisher-Price one I bought especially so that it could be put where the grandchildren could handle the figures and rearrange the scene. There are a few smaller sets, including a magnetic one for the fridge, so that the kitchen was not left out of the festivities. Thet didn't seem so many when I had them spread out over the old house. They do look a bit excessive now, with most in our one sitting room, but I prefer them to tinsel and paper-chains, so they will re-appear each Christmas - even if I do have to remove all other ornaments and family photos to make room for them!
  14. what is everyone doing?

    I'm struggling to "get back to normal" after the Christmas break. We were so busy in the week between Christmas & New Year, then had those visitors halfway through removing the decorations so I lost momentum. All the decorations were down by twelfth night, but I have hit a small but significant hold up - our Fisher-Price nativity set was well sucked by the grandbaby, who had a nasty cough and runny nose, so I popped them in a bowl of soapy water. I knew they all had holes in the base, but thought the washing water would drain back out - but no! Some did, but however much I shook them I could still hear water sloshing about inside. They have now been sitting, upside down, on the hall radiator for four days as I wait for the remaining water to evaporate. It is happening, slowly, but this is the set that has to be packed into the nativities box first (I have about 12 nativities), so all the decorations are sitting in the spare room waiting for their trip up into the loft. In the meantime the two boxes of ornaments and photographs that were moved out of the sitting room are still in the garage, as they will need unpacking and washing before they get put back up! U3A Poetry group here tomorrow, but it will just have to take place in a rather bare-looking sitting room! On amore productive note, I did get out into the garden a couple of times over the w/e to tidy up the clematis (some already showing green shoots) and give them a good mulch of compost. Didn't quite finish, as I lost the feeling in my fingers. I may do a bit more later today - we have no frost, but a there is a biting wind
  15. Are audio books the same as reading print?

    I count it as reading only as long as it includes the whole text of the book. I do have a number of well loved books in an abridged format which are useful for lulling me to sleep, but they just provide a quiet background murmur, and are not reading by any definition! As I have mentioned on the "How to read more books" thread I find it difficult to get comfortable enough to read a "proper" book, so an audiobook, which allows me to potter about doing mindless tasks is the best way I have found to "read". Not that I have listened to many audiobooks recently, as my CD player broke and that is my preferred way of listening - all types of earphones become painful after a while (even a hat with earflaps has the same effect). I'm not sure that consuming (hateful term) a book via my ears has less validity than doing so visually, but I do take Viccie's point regarding concentration. I really do have to make sure that the 'mindless' task remains mindless, and doesn't distract my attention from the book, but then, the presence of the now retired Mr meg in and out of the house has an even more distracting effect on reading a printed book.