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  1. Watergate

    Thanks Luna, I'll add this to my TBR list.
  2. For some reason all the posts about this book seem to have passed me by but having read them this evening I have now ordered this book. Through the link of course :-)
  3. Lincoln in the Bardo

    Personally I think this should have been a short story. There was virtually nothing of a story about it. Just the repetitive ramblings of those supposedly stuck in a self imposed twilight zone between the physical world that we know and the imagined celestial world of an afterlife. Of course there was the minuscule story of the death of the son of Lincoln and the visits to the coffin and as Mr HG said the backstories of all the other characters. None of which seemed to amount to anything worth telling. So yes technically this book is an achievement, to blend the voices and the scarce story threads together in such a believable way is impressive but to do with such a poor excuse of a story ...... As for the quotations (some real, some made up from what I can gather online) well these just annoyed me. Occasionally they seemed like a good device to impart some knowledge of the life of Lincoln but mostly they intruded upon the flow of the story and irritated this reader. They seemed more like padding than anything worth while.
  4. I have just finished this and like others here thought this was a better novel than the first one. I especially like the handling of the character with dementia. This seemed very believable and brought a different element to a crime novel. It also proved that good crime novels don't need to be all about blood and guts and the molestation of women.
  5. The Purple Plain

    It's many, many years since I read this but your review has brought it back to me. Never read a book by Bates I've not liked.
  6. Another of my favourite books by H. E. Bates. Glad to see he's a bit more attention.
  7. Your best reads Jan-June?

    Two factual books have been best so far for me this year. Dresden by Frederick Taylor Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen
  8. Famous book hoarders

    Some great looking libraries.
  9. Ting

    Good news, thanks Momac
  10. I just bought/borrowed/received...

    Thank you Luna :-)
  11. The Land of Green Plums

    This sounds interesting. I've added it to the never ending TBR list.
  12. I just bought/borrowed/received...

    Hi Luna I'll be interested to know is this is good.
  13. The Dark Circle

    Added to my Audible wishlist. Thanks MM.
  14. TV Series

    I used to like Modern Family but a couple of the story lines recently ( last couple of series) didn't sit well with me. One of them was when the older daughter was given a car for her birthday and they took her out for a drink before giving her the car! And then at the start of current series there was character they visited at his office and he was throwing things out of his window at a cat sitting on his car. Then there was the sound as if the cat had been hit by the thrown object and cried out in pain. I don't think either of these subjects treated in this way are right in a family show. If they'd shown that both were morally and legally wrong then fair enough bad things happen, but they didn't. Really spoiled the programme for me.
  15. I just bought/borrowed/received...

    The Larkins are such great literary characters :-) but beware you may find yourself craving a 'Full English' for breakfast, probably with champagne as well