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  1. Book Lists 2018

    4 - The Snakebite Survivors' Club by Jeremy Seal 3 - Black Swan Green by David Mitchell (audio) 2 - Men Without Women by Haruki Murakami S/S (audio) 1 - The Danakil Diary by Wilfred Thesiger - unfinished Film List 1 - Back to Burgundy (French) - cinema 2 - Manchester by the Sea - DVD 3 - Darkest Hour - cinema 4 - Mollie's Game - cinema 5 - All The Money In The World - cinema 6 - Life In 12 Bars - cinema 7 - Human Flow - cinema 8 - Coco - cinema 9 - The Post TV List 1 - Big Bang Theory - Season Six 2 - The Crown - Season Two 3 - Stranger Things - Season Two 4 - Big Bang Theory - Season Seven 5 - Hard Sun Gig List 1 - Christian Moss & Pete Moran - Penrith 2 - Clive Carroll - Penrith
  2. Slaughterhouse Five

    Thanks Dan, that's good to know. Part of the problem was I was reading it as an audio book so unable to skip or speed read it. But I don't think I'll bother going back to it in physical book form.
  3. Slaughterhouse Five

    I gave up on this after the first chapter. By the time he'd finished his preamble about why he wrote and how long it took him to write it etc etc etc I couldn't be arsed with it. Perhaps it is a great book but I really didn't need all the explanation shit. Too many books not enough time to waste on this.
  4. This sounds interesting iff, thank you. Another one to add the list.
  5. Amazon shipping problems

    If Amazon uses a courier company called Hermes I have problems. One example is where the company left a card twice to say had tried to deliver but I was out but there was no way of contacting the company to arrange a time when I would be in. On the third day they delivered the package and it was damaged and two items were missing. As always Amazon resolved the issue by giving me a full refund. I much prefer it when they use Royal Mail, so much more reliable. I've told Amazon this as well but they still keep going back to couriers.
  6. Currently Reading

    And he's not afraid to tackle the big subjects of our world just putting them into a context youngsters will understand and hopefully raise some questions for them.
  7. Currently Reading

    Finished this a few days ago and loved it. Felt good to be back in the alternative world Pullman has so adeptly created.
  8. Site problem?

    Thanks iff & Tag, it's strange that when I type it with https etc it comes up secure but as iff says when you click onto something else it says not secure. Is this something our IT people can resolve?
  9. Site problem?

    On logging on today I noticed the address bar said Site Not Secure. I don't remember seeing that before. Have I just missed it? or has something changed? Can we make it secure?
  10. Don't think I even knew this thread existed, though having said that someone will probably point out a post a I made . I recently had a holiday in the north of Spain and visited a city called Burgos, home to a cathedral which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Burgos has a beautiful old town where the cathedral is situated. Well worth a visit. Whilst I was there I visited their Museum of Human Evolution. Five floors of the history of mankind. This is a well laid out exhibition, luckily for us English speakers most of the exhibits are in both Spanish and English, though of course they offer the usual audio accompaniment in various other languages. Two of the exhibits particularly struck a chord with me. Firstly the information about Neanderthals, many years ago I read about about them (The Neanderthal Enigma by James Shreeve) and since then I've found the parallels between them and us fascinating ( they took care of their sick and infirm and buried their dead) and been annoyed about we now use the name as a term of abuse. It is thought the last places they inhabited was Spain. I've always been struck by the idea of the last one, the last of his or her kind. Of course they wouldn't know they were the end of an evolutionary line. But to slowly watch all your family die and not know where anyone else of your kind were. To die somewhere completely alone. No one left to bury you. I can only imagine deep sadness as slowly hope of ever finding another again. The other exhibit was a recreation of a brain. This was a large construction which you could enter and inside there were lights demonstrating what the electrical activity when thoughts or brain activity occurs. Each thought like a ticker tape parade cascading through the synapses, electrical fireflies, thoughts foraging fermenting. Miniature fireworks, sparks, speed of light dancing divesting directing a mesmerising collage of coherence.
  11. Watergate

    Thanks Luna, I'll add this to my TBR list.
  12. For some reason all the posts about this book seem to have passed me by but having read them this evening I have now ordered this book. Through the link of course :-)
  13. Lincoln in the Bardo

    Personally I think this should have been a short story. There was virtually nothing of a story about it. Just the repetitive ramblings of those supposedly stuck in a self imposed twilight zone between the physical world that we know and the imagined celestial world of an afterlife. Of course there was the minuscule story of the death of the son of Lincoln and the visits to the coffin and as Mr HG said the backstories of all the other characters. None of which seemed to amount to anything worth telling. So yes technically this book is an achievement, to blend the voices and the scarce story threads together in such a believable way is impressive but to do with such a poor excuse of a story ...... As for the quotations (some real, some made up from what I can gather online) well these just annoyed me. Occasionally they seemed like a good device to impart some knowledge of the life of Lincoln but mostly they intruded upon the flow of the story and irritated this reader. They seemed more like padding than anything worth while.
  14. I have just finished this and like others here thought this was a better novel than the first one. I especially like the handling of the character with dementia. This seemed very believable and brought a different element to a crime novel. It also proved that good crime novels don't need to be all about blood and guts and the molestation of women.
  15. The Purple Plain

    It's many, many years since I read this but your review has brought it back to me. Never read a book by Bates I've not liked.