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  1. I'm about a third of the way through and just loving this book. I cannot believe it has taken me so long to read it. I think I was put off by some of his more grim books, thinking this was more of the same, and by people loudly declaring you had to be in the Lonesome Dove camp or the Cormac McCarthy camp, but you couldn't be in both. That is not true at all. So far, this is a wonderful book.
  2. John Banville

    And I've just ordered this!
  3. Ford Madox Ford

    I thought I had read this, but didn't remember anything about the plot. I read the wikipedia summary and it all came flooding back. This is a great book and you really have to pay attention and think for yourself. I would read it again, but there are so many books in this world that I haven't read....
  4. Have spent a long time wondering if I should read this book, but have finally broken down and bought it. I will check back in once I read it (it may be a while).
  5. Tim Johnston

    I'm so glad all of you thought this was so good. I still remember it as being one of my best reads of 2015.
  6. Momac, this is a 2-book series. Have you only read the first one or did you also get the second one? The second one isn't available here until December and if that's the one you are raving about, I might not buy it just yet.
  7. I almost said "not Jim Morrison," but I wasn't sure anyone would get the reference.
  8. I am reading The Lizard King about the #1 smuggler or reptiles into the United States in the 1970s who was, naturally, headquartered in my hometown of Miami. The reptile smugglers had a lot in common with others who smuggled small, easily-concealed, very valuable items and to they often smuggled snakes and cocaine, etc. at the same time. It is very engrossing. I will post a review when I finish, but I have already ordered a copy for my brother, who probably knows some of those people (the reptile people only, I hope), since he is at home, dealing with the effects of lymphoma and the treatment for lymphoma. The chemo was harder on him than the actual cancer--so far--but there are still 2 areas remaining, so it looks like he has more unpleasantness in his future. I think he'll like the book, which will be a good distraction.
  9. I haven't liked John Grisham for a long time now. Your criticisms match my criticisms of every book of his that I have read. I don't understand how he's so successful, although it does seem like he's a nice person. Thank goodness you do not have to question your husband's intelligence.
  10. Congratulations, Dan. I think we are roughly the same age and one of my friends says that when you get to this age, you have to change your diet in order to lose weight--exercise alone will not do it. Yet another thing to hate about aging.
  11. My daughter fractured her right elbow and is right-handed. But it's a conference for her company, so her co-workers have been very helpful. Still, I think only someone her age could cope with traveling with a fractured elbow.
  12. Emma is adorable! My daughter was riding her bike yesterday, ran into a curb, fell off the bike, and fractured her elbow. It's not a major break, but it hurts a lot. Naturally, she is scheduled to go on a business trip to London tomorrow, where the employees with less seniority, including her, are housed fairly far away from the activities, so she will be taking the tube and carrying a bunch of stuff around. The doctors (including her boyfriend's father, who is an orthopedic surgeon) all say she can go, but she has to pull her suitcase with her other hand. It all sounds difficult to cope with.
  13. I quite agree. I think Adam West did a great job with embracing the fact that he had been typecast. But Glenne Heady was so young (meaning "younger than I am," an ever-aging contingent).