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  1. what is everyone doing?

    Not at all! The sweater is wonderful.
  2. Munich

    It's available here on January 16, at which point it will appear automatically, like magic, on my kindle!
  3. Munich

    Thanks for this. I always like Robert Harris's books and am in a spot where I would like some distracting reading.
  4. Currently Reading

    Exactly. He also does a great job with children and youthful characters. They seem like they are really the age they are, not just mini-adults.
  5. what is everyone doing?

    I doubt the special prosecutor will remove him from office and if he does, we are left with Pence, who isn't uncontrolled, but has very extreme views. He only looks good by comparison. No one I know can stand to watch the news anymore. I watch a show called "Morning Joe" in the morning as I am getting ready for work and then try to avoid everything else. It's just excruciating. There's really no one I support in American politics anymore, so it's Trump's way of approaching things that I find so troublesome. OOOOPs, we started a nuclear war with North Korea is just an awful thing to think about. So I don't.
  6. what is everyone doing?

    That's pretty typical. Obama felt the same way about Bush. The big danger is using the executive orders because then Congress can't act as a brake. Obama tried to use them like crazy, but was knocked down by the federal courts. THANK GOODNESS because that meant that Trump's efforts would similarly not survive. Okay, this is the most I can talk about American politics in any one day. Too painful
  7. what is everyone doing?

    Luna, I think you are right about the Swiss. And I think the difference is that the Swiss are well-behaved rule-followers. Americans are not. In a BIG way, we are not. For example, there is no way you would get most Americans to agree to turn in their weapons to law enforcement (guns or knives), even well-behaved, non-murderous Americans. I wouldn't do it and I don't even own or want a gun, although I have a Bowie knife and a hunting knife because my son sold knives to make extra money. Momac, those restrictions sound good, but they have no practical effect. There is no national registry of people with mental problems and I would not support one being created. There's no way that list would be kept confidential and then lots of perfectly good people would be stigmatized in other areas of their lives in order to keep them from buying guns. The gun people do not want restrictions on automatic weapons because they want to be able to fight a guerilla war against their own government if it becomes too strong. It's not a personal protection issue. I agree that we should be able to do it, especially in the era of Trump (by "we," I mean, "other people who are more comfortable with guns than I am"). But maybe if you want that, you should have to join a militia that is NOT run by the government and they should have to keep the items that turn regular old guns into military grade weapons in a secure location. The 2nd amendment makes reference to a "well-regulated militia," and that's sort of been thrown by the wayside. Dan lives up near the Canadian border almost, on the far west side of the country. I am MUCH closer, but I probably have never been to this little town. No highways run through it. The guy has a history of spousal abuse. Apparently, that's a top indicator of a person who does this and those lists are kept. I would be FINE with keeping guns out of the hands of those guys.
  8. what is everyone doing?

    Dan is very far away, thank goodness. This isn't really very close to Dallas. It's much closer to San Antonio, which is about 4 hours away. I have lots of friends who live near San Antonio, but not on that side of the city. Terrible story. I really don't think it's possible to understand what motivates people to do those kinds of things. I realize access to weapons makes it easier, but many people have those kinds of weapons without wiping out entire congregations of churchgoers. I'm a big supporter of the 2nd amendment (as is Bernie Sanders, I might add) and if the purpose of the 2nd amendment is to protect ourselves against government overreach, then being able to make the guns military grade is part of that right. Maybe those stocks are the things that should be kept by organized militias so that if we need to protect ourselves, we can, but we don't go shooting up churches and concerts. I doubt that many of you are as sympathetic to this argument as I am, but in the era of Trump's movement to totalitarianism, I think the arguments are stronger than ever. There, NOW I've done it.
  9. Currently Reading

    The Book of Dust: La Belle Sauvage by Phillip Pullman. So far so great.
  10. Photos

    Wonderful pictures, iff. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Man Booker Prize 2017

    I was about to post! I'm just reading the original review in "The Atlantic" and it's not as positive as Mr. HG's.
  12. what is everyone doing?

    Iff, Ophelia hitting Ireland has made it on to the news in the U.S., despite the fact of near-constant hits on the U.S. by hurricanes this year. We just are not used to seeing them hit anywhere in the U.K. (or Europe or anywhere so far north for that matter). Best of luck.
  13. That makes me feel better because I searched for it by author and title, surprised that there wasn't a thread. But I did not go page by page. Thank you Meg.
  14. No. I realize I'm a moderator and should know, but I don't. And I did search for it to prevent this from happening.
  15. I thought All the Pretty Horses was an amazing read and was concerned that this would not be as good because the middle book in trilogies often ends up being sort of flabby. I needn't have worried. The crossings refer to crossings between New Mexico and Mexico and back again. There are 3 such journeys. The time is at the beginning of the 20th century, when most of this land and its wild inhabitants has been tamed and controlled (a theme in Lonesome Dove, too). It used to be necessary to hire skilled wolf trappers to protect herds of animals, but now the only one left is near death and his tools, while carefully stored, seem to be from the time of alchemy. Nevertheless, a pregnant she-wolf from Mexico has come up into New Mexico and begun preying on the cattle herd of the Parham family and the oldest son, Billy (about 15 or 16), is determined to capture her. He does, but then he decides to go on a quixotic journey to return her to the mountains of Mexico, from whence she came. Things don't quite work out the way he had hoped. Billy has heard a statement that there are 3 journeys in a man's life, one with a woman, one with a man, and one with an animal. So this is the journey with the "woman." When Billy returns home, he finds that his family's horses have been stolen and taken into Mexico. He and his younger brother, Boyd, decide to go to Mexico to retrieve the horses. Boyd is an almost mythical figure. He rides and lassos like no man anyone has ever seen and the Mexicans greatly admire him. Again, while sort of successful, this journey does not at all turn out the way it was intended. Boyd ends up staying in Mexico. This is Billy's journey with a man, although Boyd is so young that he barely qualifies. The third journey is taken when Billy is only about 20 and he's looking to find Boyd. He is successful, but again, not in the way he would want. At some point, he encounters a dreadfully malformed dog, probably injured and then poorly recovered, and drives it from the shelter they share out into the rain. It appeared as if Billy had lost all of his capacity for sympathy and mercy, but at the end, thank goodness, he recovers it. Much good that it does the dog, which has disappeared. This is Billy's journey with an animal. I thought this book was just about perfect, although I know from FB that Graham disagrees. I was enormously pleased that Billy rediscovered his mercy and it gave me hope for his future. But what a time and place they all lived in! I plan to read the third book before the end of the year, but not yet. I think these books are so amazing that I need to let each one settle in my mind before turning to the other. Highly recommend.