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  1. William Faulkner

    If you like the feeling of having your brain turned upside down and expanded out of the back of your head then I'd recommend it, Momac. *Laughs* Good thing I like that feeling!
  2. William Faulkner

    Thank you for creating the group read.
  3. Momac, when I log on I click "unread content" and get the posts that I haven't read. I don't read all of them and when I'm done I click "mark site read" and the next time I log on that's what I get. I hope that proves useful.
  4. William Faulkner

    It has become clear to me that I understood a great deal more of this novel than I thought I did. I did the Cliffs Notes quiz and got 100%.
  5. William Faulkner

    I have now finished this book, and what a book it is! My bias towards Faulkner is well known so I won't disappoint when I say I loved every difficult to understand word - even those that I had to look up. I struggled with this one more than I have ever struggled with Faulkner but that only made the reading sweeter. I had online notes to consult and, hidden at the back of my copy in a late discovery, a chronology and list of characters which helped enormously. I just know that I'll get more out of it the next time I read it. A jaw dropping literary achievement, incredible to the point of miraculous prose and a magnificent story. I couldn't want anything more. It, frankly, makes life worthwhile. Highly recommended (but only if you like a challenge!)
  6. I am and thank you. I like to stretch myself from time to time but I do enjoy a lighter/comfort read at other times
  7. I saw a bit of the TV series when it was on and loved it so I probably will. I'm glad that they are easily read, I'll need something easy after Absalom, Absalom!
  8. Today I bought The Darling Buds of May, H E Bates. I know that the Jacaranda Tree was recommended but I'm in the middle of a factual book about the war so decided on this one instead. Thanks to Tay for reminding me about the author.
  9. William Faulkner

    I'm now in chapter eight and still thoroughly enjoying this. Last night I found a Chronology of events and a list of characters at the back of my copy which helped enormously.
  10. H E Bates

    I read Castle in the Air, short story, and loved it so will definitely be exploring this author
  11. Absolutely
  12. As MM goes walking in Chatelherault in the evening and I'm walking during the day (when MM is probably at work) the chances of us meeting are slim. However, you never know.
  13. And I won't scare you to death when I say hello, will I?
  14. That is indeed strange to think MM. We like the cafe there too, although it may be shut by the time you get there. We are very lucky, it has to be said. Just across the motorway is Strathclyde National Park. It's big but not as charming as Chatelherault. Yes, we felt better having seen the doctor but we are not allowed to eat anything and that's proving to be harder than it sounds *laughs*
  15. Buying books always cheers me up so today I got : The Wicked Boy, Kate Summerscale, Manuel, A M Nicol, and bought for me Paper Folded Flowers, Elizabeth Moad