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  1. I recognise a few in there and have read Lincoln in the Bardo and The Underground Railroad. Will be interested in your opinion of 4321, iff
  2. I'm sorry to hear that Momac. As is now becoming the norm I seem to have an accompanying stomach infection, so feeling squeamish as well. Have gotten a little more deaf too. *sigh*
  3. At this point I'll try anything, Momac
  4. Proper Glasgow Fair weather today i.e. lashing it down with rain. Had an early doctor's appointment (I have an ear infection in both ears so nearly deaf, which is great fun with my nearly deaf father!) and then went to see Christ on the Cross of St John (painting) at Kelvingrove Art Galleries before it gets shipped out to the States to earn the Galleries money so that they can remain open. I've been visiting this painting since I was a little girl and now believe that it belongs to me only so get disappointed when it goes on tour and I shall miss it.
  5. We went for a very short forest bathe in our favourite Chatelherault Country Park. It very nearly was actually bathing as it had started to rain. Fortunately the rain came to nothing and we went to the Clyde Valley and bought some more Campanula.
  6. John Banville

    Yes, I appreciate the effort too CP
  7. In my excitement at my successful clothes shop yesterday I forgot to mention that my father bought a book in Waterstones also yesterday, for which I got the points and a stamp. This was the last stamp I need and now I qualify for a free book! Only the members here (and my father) would understand my excitement over this.
  8. In a first for me I actually went clothes shopping (a most hated occupation) and managed to get a top, trousers and shoes in under an hour. Amazing. It's till hot and humid but no too sunshiney. There was rain this morning and my plants look good!
  9. I'm looking forward to what you have to say about this too. I have just started Watergate: The Corruption of American Politics and the Fall of Richard Nixon by Fred Emery.
  10. M. John Harrison, Anima/Signs of Life. As recommended by Dan
  11. I ended up having to water my pots last night and oh it was humid! I'll need to refill the bird bath this morning. No rain and no lightening for us. We were both up through the night feeling cold(!) and had to put more clothes on the bed, which was weird.
  12. Ford Madox Ford

    It is indeed. I know exactly what you mean ;-)
  13. Ford Madox Ford

    I read this because it's short (177 pages of prose) and because I had never read Ford before. I thought that this would be a good introduction, and it was. My copy is the Wordsworth Edition which says it's complete and unabridged. The story is about two very wealthy couples, one American and one English, and their friendship of nine years. It's set in the time before the first world war. They travel, socialise and take the waters in spa towns. Which makes the book sound dull and boring, which actually, for the most part, it is. I don't usually persist with a book that I'm not enjoying but this one had just enough hold on me to keep me reading and I'm glad that I did. The best part of the book happens in the very last chapters, none of which would have meant anything at all if the first part of the book had not been read (or, indeed, had been skipped over). This is not a page turning, can't put it down, plot twisting, action packed book. It's quiet, sedate and classy. It's extremely well written (which is probably why I kept reading it) and the reader does not suspect that the final chapters would contain anything more exciting than the other chapters. As a result the final chapters come as a great surprise and do make up for the perceived 'dullness' of the rest of the book. The story is not told in a linear fashion. I did enjoy the book in the end, although I had to work at that - as you know I don't mind working at my fiction - and I would recommend this book, but only to someone who is determined enough to pursue it until the end (not that difficult since it's very short).
  14. Not that it's important, Cilic said in his press conference afterwards that the blister arrived on top of a callous and he felt it in the semi-final. To be fair to him he could hardly pull out of the Wimbledon final citing a blister. Especially after the controversy of players turning up and starting a match knowing that they can't finish it just to get the loser's fee (£35,000 in two cases). Further, two out of the eight who retired applied to play doubles! So, he did the best he could with what he had. Blisters are really painful and always occur right where you don't want them and when you don't need them - in my experience - and these guys can't avoid getting them, I'm sure. We are having another hot and sunshiny day but we are both pretty tired so didn't walk much