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  1. Apparently forest bathing includes having picnics and just being under the trees. The idea is that you don't do anything while you're there. It's from this article forest bathing. My father is really taken with it so that makes it easy to get him out and about. Thank you Cherrypie and Dan for the compliments on the bluebells, we thought they were breath-taking and I did not think that the mobile phone would capture anything much of what they were like. We decided that the bluebells liked rain, shade and shelter since they were all under trees.
  2. The question is : are you going to read the third one in the trilogy?
  3. I slept beautifully CP so the hoovering did the trick. I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's distress and hope that she can find solace soon. You must be terribly worried. We managed a bit of forest bathing today - my father has embraced this wholehearedly, I'm glad to say - and it was truly breath-taking. We were only in the park nearest to us, Cathkin Braes for the locals, but under the trees were millions of bluebells and it was very beautiful. We took photos so I might post a few later. I did not think I had enough energy for much of a walk - it was very humid today and I never do well in humidity - but we discovered that we'd been out for half an hour. This article popped up in my FB page and I thought I'd post it here for a laugh, knowing at least one person who reads in bed : Reading in bed
  4. In my case sleep is everything. I feel better now, so onward and upward
  5. I'm not feeling my best today and the muggy weather isn't helping. Still, we did manage to make a donation to the Salvation Army - my father collects his spare change, bags it and then gives it to them - donated some books to the local library and get the grocery shopping done. We also managed to fill our prescriptions, so the day isn't totally lost. I have, at last, also managed to hoover my room, I'm allergic to dust so it's supposed to be hoovered (and dusted) every week and I ususally manage the hoovering bit. Somehow for the last three weeks or so, it's elluded me and I'm now coughing in my sleep etc. Don't know how far I'll get with the dusting today, having done about half of it the other day. Anyway, the handheld Dyson was full of stoor (as my mother would call it) so the hoovering should alleviate some of the symptoms for a while. Yesterday my father wasn't well so we stayed in and I got a lot of crochet done. It rained yesterday too so it was easy to stay in. RHS Chelsea is on and I love to see other people's (tidy) gardens and get hints and tips on plants etc. Not that I'll get much more into our tiny garden but I like to look anyway.
  6. Roger Moore, 89
  7. I'll be happy to let you know, when I get there.
  8. In that case, I'll need to try it.
  9. I scratch in my sleep too. It's a total nightmare. It's the alcohol in the aftershave (and whisky) that's the key. You can get alcohol over the counter in the chemist but I'd check with the pharmacist first. Never thought about heat for itiching MM, my instincts were always to cool it down.
  10. I'm so sorry that your daughter is suffering as a result of eczema. I have this too although I don't need medication. I know this might not be much but aftershave or high alcohol percentage alcholic drink (I have been known to use Glenmorangie whisky) does take away the itch for a while. It stings - like blazes! - if the skin is broken but might provide a little relief. To be clear, I mean wipe it on the affected area, not drunk. Momac, we've been mostly resting today too.
  11. We have rain so that's put the gardening out of bounds for the day. Since it is raining my father and brother are coming back home, so no P&Q for me for a whole day. I'm sure that I'll find something to do though!
  12. We haven't had rain for days but are due some this afternoon. Which will be good because we are both too tired to do any gardening at all. I woke myself up at 3 something in the a.m. thismorning/last night having a nightmare. Donald Trump just would not listen to me even although nearly all of his staff i.e. just him and me left had been disappeared by killer plants. It was really difficult to get back to sleep, it was so scary!
  13. The Good Soldier, Ford Maddox Ford and Watergate: The Corruption of American Politics and the Fall of Richard Nixon, Fred Emery
  14. My father had trouble with his vehicle tax today. He's in the free of charge bracket but received a 'It's your last chance' letter today. He decided to let my brother sort it out, which he did, by telephone. We spent today in Rozelle, forest bathing. It was lovely! I took photos of a rhododendron that I want but, as my father pointed out, don't know where I'll plant it (yet!). I also bought some yarn with which to crochet. We then had a lovely drive home and only got in before my brother by about 30 minutes. After yesterday's chore doing and Tuesdays marathon walking we are quite tired.