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  2. Problems with posting

    Be very careful if you use a cleaner on your computer. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/sep/19/ccleaner-2m-users-install-anti-malware-program-security-avast-supply-chain-attack-hack If you have to create a memorable unbreakable password. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2016/may/21/how-create-perfect-password-hackers-online-accounts-safe I think it;s OK to allow your computer to remember your password if your the only one that uses it and your not visiting dodgy websites.
  3. Song Chain

    It's a Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll) - AC/DC
  4. A to Z Game

  5. Problems with posting

    i don't sign out of websites but i do run crap cleaner every week so that logs me out of everything on a weekly basis. we did have a discussion at work before this and i was saying how i don't use the "save password" option on computers which a colleague was very surprised at and wondered why. i just don't like it.
  6. I just bought/borrowed/received...

    3 books i got at the week end lincoln in the bardo - george saunders going went gone - jenny erpenbeck histories of nations - edited by peter furtado
  7. His Bloody Project

    I honestly didn't notice but when it happens to me it drives me to distraction Binker, I feel your pain
  8. Yesterday
  9. His Bloody Project

    I have the same problem. I posted on FB about my parents' anniversary and I could not make it stop correcting to "parent's." I was mortified and not one person commented on it, either because they didn't notice or they wanted to spare me. Not sure which.
  10. His Bloody Project

    It is. Anyway, *its* location. I have a bossy device which keeps "correcting" my spelling. 😠
  11. His Bloody Project

    I saw that but assumed that if it's on Alba it will be in gaelic. Which it is but it does have english subtitles
  12. Giving birth grammar

    Oh I hate this as well. It should be "given birth to/had a baby/son/daughter" But it isn't just celebrities; ordinary people give birth to baby boys or baby girls (usually beautiful ones) as well.
  13. His Bloody Project

    If anyone can get BBC Alba, there is a programme on about the book and it's location tomorrow night. It should be on BBC iPlayer too.
  14. I just bought/borrowed/received...

    The Gastronomical Me - MFK Fisher.
  15. Last week
  16. what is everyone doing?

    I share his pain! (and had a good chuckle) Although it is jam, not chutney, that is my problem. I rarely eat it, and Mr meg, as you all must know by now, does not like waste and brings home all sorts of donated or foraged fruit His current abundant supply has gone into the freezer, as we still have vast quantities of the jams and chutneys that moved house with us. Not sure how I will cope next autumn
  17. what is everyone doing?

    MM - I read this article and laughed out loud, I'm sure Meg got a good chuckle out of it as well.
  18. what is everyone doing?

    Busy in the kitchen again Meg. I like apple crumble, haven't had pear crumble but imagine it would be equally good. was just outside trying to tidy up a bit, Dave had bought some gorgeous chrysanthemum plants in Autumn colours so I was out making sure they were well watered and while I was out I hosed down some of the bits and pieces of grass and soil which had accumulated, neither one of us is in good physical shape for much gardening but I was pleased that I was able to restore some order to the front patio. Managed to soak my shoes and pants with the hose but it was worth it to get things in order. Love this season, warm enough but not too warm and it cools down at night. Now I can settle down to read and not feel guilty about being busy.
  19. Problems with posting

    That's how I feel, like I'm going out of the house and leaving the front door open - there is no legal requirement here to lock one's front door but one is advised to do it. So I'm wondering if logging out is like that. On BGO, I don't keep any personal details but logging out does seem like a sensible precaution.
  20. Giving birth grammar

    This gets on my nerves because I think it's wrong and then I found myself doing the self-same thing today. When a birth is announced on the news it's usually X celebrity has given birth to a baby boy/girl. Given that a woman can't give birth to anything other than a baby is it not more correct to say that X celebrity has given birth to a boy/girl i.e. is the word baby not superfluous? I know that ordinary citizens are pleased to announce the birth of their boy/girl etc. I'd like to hear members' opinions.
  21. what is everyone doing?

    Meg, this might amuse you: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2017/sep/14/jay-rayner-how-much-chutney-can-one-man-take
  22. Problems with posting

    I do if it has something secure, like banking. I have no idea what can realistically happen if I don't, but not logging out makes it feel like leaving my front door open when I leave the house. When it comes to BGO, though, it doesn't seem to matter. I was talking about this at work yesterday. We mostly use IT in a fairly solitary way, and have no idea what other people do. My mum used to type URLs into Google and had no idea that there was an address bar. But then I discovered that younger, tech-savvy people didn't use URLs at all and just type keywords into Google. As long as we all get what we want, it hardly matters.
  23. Problems with posting

    Quite possibly, lol. Websites in general provide a login function and a logout function so I log in and then I log out. It always serves to remind me of my passwords if nothing else and I was under the impression that that made the internet more secure.
  24. Problems with posting

    You must be the last person on Earth who still signs out of websites.
  25. what is everyone doing?

    Mr meg has brought more cooking apples home today, and Sainsbury's-Next-Door had parsnips on their reduced trolly. Might have to make soup - but will need to buy more plastic tubs to freeze it in, as almost all of the ones I brought with us are now in the freezer, full of the fruit he brought home last time, or courgette/onion.tomato stew. He also brought more pears, so maybe I should make some pear and ginger chocolate crumble, too.
  26. Can't decide if I am going to watch this dramatisation of Ian McEwan's 1987 novel. I have read it twice, many years apart, and couldn't make my mind up about it on either occasion. I'm pretty sure I started a thread about it on the second attempt, but it is one of the many we lost when BGOClassic went to the wall. Anyone else think they might watch it - either out of curiosity as to what sort of a fist they make of it, or just as a Benedict Cumberbatch fan?
  27. Problems with posting

    As I always sign out this isn't a problem for me
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